Weekly Song Challenge, Week 14

Time once again for Mary B’s Weekly Song Challenge!

A Song With “Face” in the Title: Pete Townshend, "Face The Face." Got the prompt in there twice!

A Song with “Fast” in the Title: Luke Bryan, "Fast."

A Song with “Fire” in the Title: The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, "Fire."

That’s it, kids! See you next week!

16 thoughts on “Weekly Song Challenge, Week 14

  1. I think i have heard of the Pete Townshend song but only certain parts of it. I don’t know the second one and am not into country so probably that’s why. I love the last one and totally forgot about that one.


    1. I had never heard that Luke Bryan tune until yesterday. I went to YouTube and searched for “fast song,” and that was the first song it recommended. I liked it: not exactly my kind of country, but still good. Glad you liked Arthur Brown!


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