Simply 6 Minutes: Kitties!

Now, everyone together: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…..

We got our first cat on New Year’s Eve, 1977, and since that time we’ve had at least one cat, and often more (on occasion, many more). Right now, we’re back to where we started, with just one, and have decided that this is it for a while. When she goes, we’re going to wait at least a year before we consider adopting again. We have a lot of things we want to redo in the house, most notably the kitchen and the bathrooms, and, with workmen walking in and out, we don’t want to have to lock a newcomer into a room, lest he or she dash out the door, or, as was the case the last time we had the bathroom done, disappear into the walls of the house and be lost forever (actually, the one that did that found her way out, but we’ve sealed off that way out).

Besides, even though cats are arguably easier to take care of (show them where the food is, show them where the box is, and let them figure out the rest), cats are still work. They need fresh water and food daily, as well as to have their box scooped and occasionally emptied, washed, and filled with fresh litter. They have to go to the vet once a year for a checkup and occasionally will develop health issues that require more frequent visits (and more money). And they can worry the hell out of you. They’ll stop eating for a day or two, or make a habit of going into a room in the other part of the house and start howling for no other reason than they’re bored, or find a new hiding spot and spend several days enjoying the solitude while you and the rest of your family dash around frantically wondering "where’s the cat?"

Mary and I nevertheless are not looking forward to the empty nest…

Christine Bialczak is the host of Simply 6 Minutews.

18 thoughts on “Simply 6 Minutes: Kitties!

  1. I’m more of a dog person ….but a good thing is we have a fenced in back yard so there is no walking her…we let her out and when she needs back in we hear a bark.


  2. We have 3 cats and a mentally ill dog. We did have 5 cats which was insane but we loved them all. They can be so much fun and so sweet when not clawing something. My one pussycat, Jade, has become my mascot when I am working. I am working from home, for a year now, and Jade follows me up the stairs and meows at my door to be let in. She will meow until I give her lots of love and she reciprocates with head butts and licks. She then settles down and sleeps on a chair while I work. Animals give so much.


  3. We had cats when I was young, but I’ve never had one myself. My husband is not a cat person sadly, neither is one of our dogs, so that rules out getting one. We do have two dogs and four horses and two ponies though. You’ll certainly miss her when she’s gone!


  4. Aw you sound like you two are great cat parents! I haven’t had a cat since I was a kid. My late husband hated cats and my kids had a few but they never left their bedrooms so I didn’t really ever interact with them. I guess I technically did have cats but not like when I was a kid. They aren’t too bad but the thought of them walking in the litter box then walking all over the bed is sort of gross to me now.


    1. We’ve had at least one cat for over 43 years. It’ll be a little strange when Molly goes, but we’re going to hold out on getting another until we get the work done on the house. If we can…


  5. I know Mr. John. I had the best pack ❤ 2 dogs, Mz. Bella (A Chicago Brownie) and our little Elsa Mae (Bichon/Cairn Terrior Mix) and 1 cat (a Tuxedo) Mr. Louie. The cat took such care of the dogs. Constantly cleaning their ears and making biscuits on them. We lost Mz. Elsa first, old age, then we lost Mr. Louie who was really not that old from a urinary track problem, so sad. After that Mz. Bella went to the Rainbow Bridge. We have started to build a new pack with our Mz. Rosie (Another Chicago Brown Dog/rescue) an actual breed. I want to get a kitty and another dog, the husband thinks I’m crazy and I probably am but I really love my pack. Happy Friday. Been late with the AtoZ but I’m having a problem with trolls…It’s annoying. I hope to jump back in…Soon


    1. Sometimes the best you can do is the best you can do as far as A to Z. Sorry you’re getting troiled.

      We had a cat, Larry, who was constantly getting UTI’s, and finally the vet suggested re-routing his ureter out through his butt. Sounds terrible, but he lived the longest of any of ours and didn’t seem to mind. I’m kind of surprised your vet didn’t suggest that….


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