The Electronic Disaster Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Ballantine Ale. A taste you can feel!

Does anyone know who the breathy blonde in the ad is? There are about a dozen commercials on this reel with her (not that I’m going to use all or even any more of them). Just curious.

I had a small disaster yesterday: I knocked my coffee over onto my laptop and spilled all over the keyboard. Right now I have it downstairs, propped open over some dishtowels. From the videos I’ve seen online, I need to leave it that way for a couple of days, then give it a try. I hope I haven’t ruined it…

Oh well. I have the desktop, of course, so I’ll be working here for a few days. You can bet I’m going to invest a silicone keyboard cover so we don’t have another mishap like that…

Let’s move on to the summary for the week.

Monday’s A to Z entry replaced the regularly-scheduled Monday’s Music Moves Me, while Tuesday’s replaced the regularly-scheduled Top Ten Tuesday. Five For Friday is on hiatus until May 7.

We opined on psychic powers (yes or no?), described peanut butter, answered why an octopus squirts ink, and revealed our two greatest entertainers of today, which I took to mean "right that very instant").

My one-liner had to do with the one day a year where we check whatever we hear. Someone suggested that should be done for everything we hear, and I heartily agree.

We looked for songs that had "face," "fast," and "fire" in the title.

It was supposed to be a story from my early days of blogging and it turned out to be about how the A to Z Challenge helped me to find what I wanted this blog to be about.

As you probably already know, Julie London defeated Rosemary Clooney in their battle of "Black Coffee." One request: if you leave me a comment and it doesn’t show up after a couple of hours, let me know. Akismet’s been acting funny and chucking some of your comments into spam or trash. I’ll try and remember to check those folders more frequently.

The picture was of a cute kitten, an orange tabby, and it had me reflecting on my years as a cat daddy. We still have a cat, but when she goes, we’re going to wait before adopting another. I’m in no hurry…

How I got from the prompt "difference" to talking about What’s My Line? baffles me, but I did. Read it and find out how I did it.

The A to Z Challenge continues with J through O. Included in there are two Chicago radio stations. I’ll also be writing the "K" and "O" entries on the Challenge blog, so be sure and stop by there. The rest of the week is pretty easy now that I’ve put three regular features on vacation. Tune us in this week!

16 thoughts on “The Electronic Disaster Week That Was

  1. I have 3 laptops and so far so good. Hubby has a desktop and we have back up keyboards for him – need I say more! I don’t know who the breathy blond is in the Ballantine beer commercial. At first I thought, Kim Basinger but don’t think so.


        1. She was, at that. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Catherine Deneuve, either, even though she was an attractive Blonde also. Maybe I can get hold of someone at Ballantine’s and see if they know…

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  2. i did this to mine a few years back and it didn’t end well, but hopefully yours is back in working order soon. at least we have the music…

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  3. Oh no! That sucks but I hope your laptop will work and will be good as new. I have no idea who that young woman is. She has a Catherine Deneuve look to her. It seemed to be a busy week for sure.

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    1. It was busy, and it got busier when I dropped coffee in my laptop.

      Maybe I’ll write to the Ballantine folks and see if any of them can tell me…


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