#atozchallenge Top Ten: KOMA (1520 AM, Oklahoma City OK), 10/5/72

Like so many other AM stations, KOMA (now KOKC) has gone all-talk, but they were a Top 40 station in the ’60’s and ’70’s. Let’s look at their Top Ten from October 1972.

#10 – Rick Nelson, "Garden Party": Rick shares the story of his being invited to play at Madison Square Garden in 1971 and being booed off the stage when he chose to play country music instead of his old hits. The booing might have been directed at what the police were doing, but Rick thought they were booing him. Anyway, he played three songs, then left the stage and the building and wrote this song. It reached #6 on the Hot 100, his last Top Ten hit.

#9 – Chicago, "Saturday In The Park": From Chicago V, a song by Robert Lamm about a sunny day in the park in midsummer. It reached #3 and helped the album reach #1.

#8 – The O’Jays, "Back Stabbers": Title track from their 1972 album, it reached #1 on the R&B chart and #3 on the Hot 100.

#7 – Johnny Nash, "I Can See Clearly Now": Johnny had been writing with Bob Marley, which explains the similarity to Bob’s style. It reached #1 on the Hot 100, in Canada, and in South Africa.

#6 – Danny O’Keefe, "Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues": The original version of this oft-covered country standard, Danny took this to #5 on the adult contemporary chart and #9 on the Hot 100. This is the slower, moodier version from his second album, O’Keefe, which became the hit.

#5 – Bill Withers, "Use Me": Written by Bill and from his second studio album Still Bill, it’s his second-biggest hit (after "Lean On Me"). It reached #2, kept out of the top spot by Michael Jackson’s "Ben" and Chuck Berry’s "My Dingaling."

#4 – The Main Ingredient, "Everybody Plays The Fool": A song by J. R. Bailey, Rudy Clark, and Ken Williams, first done by The Main Ingredient, which consisted of Cuba Gooding Sr., Tony Silvester, and Luther Simmons Jr. It reached #2 on the Soul chart, #3 on the Hot 100, #25 on the adult Contemporary chart, and #6 in Canada.

#3 – Helen Reddy, "I Am Woman": A song that became the anthem for the nascent Women’s Liberation movement, it reached #1 in the US and Canada and #2 in Helen’s native Australia.

#2 – The Fifth Dimension, "If I Could reach You": A song I honestly don’t remember from its time on the charts, it was The Fifth Dimension’s last Top Ten single (peaking at #10) and their last #1 on the Adult Contemporary chart.

#1 – Gallery, "I Believe In Music": Written by Mac Davis, it was Gallery’s second single from their Nice To Be With You album. It reached #1 in Canada and #4 in the US and Australia.

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30 thoughts on “#atozchallenge Top Ten: KOMA (1520 AM, Oklahoma City OK), 10/5/72

  1. Poor Ricky Nelson which just shows how adoring fans turn into a mindless mob. I love Chicago because they are such a great band with wind instruments and all but then…I can’t go further, it won’t let me. I may know the others but aside from I am Woman, I don’t recognize any of them. I remember the SCTV skit where these farm guys(John Candy & Joe Flaherty) blew up Helen Reddy….I think she is played by Catherine O’Hara. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3k4tBPsP4mY


    1. Yes, that was Catherine O’Hara playing Helen. Those two guys were a riot. They blew up Brooke Shields, Neil Sedaka, Meryl Streep, of course everyone in the Rock Concert clip… I like how they ended their “Farm Film Report” segment: “May the good Lord take a likin’ to ya, and blow you real soon,” then they’d explode…


  2. John,

    I’m playing your Saturday’s playlist while I do a bit of catch up this morning. Ricky Nelson had such a smooth voice. “Garden Party” is a lovely song! Chicago was my favorite band from the late 70s. “Saturday in the Park” makes me feel good. I’m just going to enjoy the rest of your songs in the background now. Happy A2Zing, my friend!

    Outerspace Looney Tunes A-Z Art Sketch


  3. Entering familiar territory now. Quite a few known and loved. I can see clearly now is a particular favourite.


  4. Hi John – I love Helen Reddy … and there are some wonderful songs here … and no doubt ear-worms too … thank you – cheers Hilary


    1. That gives me an idea for a playlist: musicians who lost their lives in air accidents (I’d say plane crashes, but Stevie Ray Vaughan died in a helicopter accident). Kind of morbid, but there have been a lot of them…

      Did Rick do any of his oldies, like “Hello, Mary Lou” and “Fools Rush In”? I liked him…

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      1. Helicopters are ‘planes’ just like that contraption John Denver died in. If you are including show biz you can count Will Rogers. And then there’s Glenn Miller.
        Ricky did all his oldies in the concert. The age of the audience dictated the oldies.


  5. There are a couple of good ones in here, but I have to pick Johnny Nash and I Can See Clearly Now as my favourite. Just reading the list has me singing it in my head.


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