Brak, Dee Dee, and Adam #socs

Your musical interlude for this morning (or afternoon, or whenever)…

I miss Cartoon Planet… The fine singing voice belongs to Brak, one of the characters from the old Space Ghost cartoon. He had been an enemy of Space Ghost, then his brains got scrambled…

Mashed potatoes are my least favorite way to eat them. Maybe it’s all the potatoes I peeled for Sunday dinner when I was a kid. I mean, really, five pounds of potatoes. Maybe it’s all the vile things restaurants do to them, like adding too much garlic. Maybe it’s just the way they look on a plate.

I like Dee Dee Sharp, whose name, as I’ve mentioned, is a minor second, or a half step. She did "Mashed Potato Time."

I knew a lady who could start singing in one key and go off-key bit-by-bit. Adam Neely calls it "pitch drift" (CAUTION: There be math!)…

That’ll turn your brain into mashed potatoes…

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11 thoughts on “Brak, Dee Dee, and Adam #socs

  1. OK that last guy with multiplying ratios etc.. is making my head explode. The cat singing is very strange indeed. Who doesn’t love to dance the Mashed Potato.


      1. Well, duh! 🙄 Yes, it showed up and I remember playing it. I probably got up to do something and when I came back forgot about it. Multitasking doesn’t work too well when you get older.🥴


  2. Ah, commercials without social relevance! I miss those! Not that I remember that one! Nice post. Your posts help me to get out of my head for a bit!


    1. I was doing cigarette commercials for a while. YouTube has big collections of commercials, and I can sit there and watch them all afternoon if I’m not careful.


  3. In my case least favorite way means nothing because I have a 3 way time – baked, fried, mashed … I have never met a potato I didn’t like. LOL :)


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