The Mid-A to Z Challenge Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by National Bohemian Beer.

I almost forgot how much work the A to Z Challenge is. Of course, I chose a theme that requires a lot of work, and I’m still trying to keep up as much of my regular schedule as possible, but even so, man, I’m beat.

Nevertheless, I’m having a blast with this, as I always have. I said a while back that the A to Z Challenge is the highlight of my blogging year, and I’m still standing by that. This is what I got into blogging for.

So, without further ado, here’s last week in review.

This week, Melanie wanted our opinion on the worst BOGO deal (buy one skunk, get one free!), if I had ever had a bad haircut (long story, go read it), whether Disneyland and its ilk are simply people traps set by a mouse (which I suppose you could say they are), what would happen if a vampire bit Batman (Batman’s tougher than any vampire and probably tougher than anyone but Chuck Norris), and what I wanted my last words to be (let’s get a pizza!).

My one-liner was that my laptop, upon which I spilled a good amount of coffee a week ago Saturday, dried out fine and is working as perfectly as can be expected. I now have a silicone keyboard cover for it so that, in the unlikely I ever spill coffee like that again, it won’t get into the inner workings and foul things up.

The prompt was to write about something I learned recently, which in my case was everything I learned thanks to the laptop incident.

My weekly essay, in this case prompted by the word "mash," started out being about mashed potatoes and how much I hate them, detoured into "Mashed Potato Time" by Dee Dee Sharp, and veered off into a discussion of music theory led by bass player and music teacher extraordinaire Adam Neely, who posts weekly lessons on theory, musicianship, and song analysis to YouTube each week. If you’re into music, or getting really confused about what you were heretofore having a good time listening to, or if you just like watching a good-looking young man (hey, he is, and I’m straight) talk music for ten to thirty minutes each week, follow Adam on YouTube. He’s also on Nebula, which is a sort of annex to CuriosityStream (which I really ought to listen to, since I paid for them).

So, we’re in the third week of the A to Z Challenge, which this year covers the letters P through U (honest, that’s just the way it ended up this year). I’ll be doing the daily article on the A to Z Challenge blog this Tuesday with the letter Q as well. Once again, my A to Z Challenge posts will serve double duty as my Monday’s Music Moves Me and Top Ten Tuesday posts, and Five For Friday is still on hiatus until May 7. Be sure and come by every day to see what the hell I’m up to!

7 thoughts on “The Mid-A to Z Challenge Week That Was

  1. WOW … I’m impressed and exhausted just thinking about how much you’ve done in one week!!! I had fun when I did the A-Z challenge, maybe next year I’ll try it again. You definitely know how to succeed at the tasks at hand. I’m applauding you as I sip my cup of coffee and wonder if I should get a silicone keyboard cover too… Best wishes for a successful P-U week. 😉


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