Share Your World for April 19, 2021

It’s that time again! Melanie has the questions over at her place, I have the answers over at mine, and you can have the answers over at yours!

What was the last TV show you binge-watched? If you don’t watch TV (congratulations by the way) what’s the last thing you binged ON? I spend a lot of time on YouTube, and sometimes I’ll find something that’s so interesting I’ll sit and watch several episodes. The last time I really binged on a series of videos was on ones from the Oddity Archive. Ben, who runs the archive, talks about TV, and music, and cheap records, and sometimes shares videos about something he bought or about his music career. His stuff about TV is really fun to watch, such as this recent video on weather warnings…

What’s your most prized possession and why? I’d say the guitar Mary gave me when I turned 21, which I haven’t played since before my stroke, because one of the tuning machines fell off. At some point I’ll end up selling my guitars, but never that one.

If you had the time and inclination, what would you volunteer for? I have plenty of time, but no inclination. Sorry…

Do you think that humans will ever be able to live together in harmony? Depends on what you mean by "harmony." The Free Dictionary has, as one of its definitions, "A relationship in which various components exist together without destroying one another." Much to the chagrin of certain elements of society (I’ll leave it to the reader to decide which ones those are), we already do this, for the most part. Now, another definition they gave is "agreement in action, opinion, feeling, etc; accord." Unless by "agreement" you mean "agree to disagree," I don’t think that’s possible.

It’s Mary’s birthday tomorrow! If a person could be considered a "possession," she’d be my prized one!

20 thoughts on “Share Your World for April 19, 2021

  1. First off Happy Birthday tomorrow to your most prized “possession”, Mary. I am watching some British TV show about Home renovations. The homes are actually very, very old and they rebuild it keeping true to the place which is much nicer than painting everything white. I also watch different stamping ideas for card making. My most prized possession that I will never sell would be my mom’s eggs that she created. She was truly a talented individual who created Faberge-inspired eggs from real eggs. I also would want to try and save the mountain of pictures that are currently in many boxes. I really want to volunteer at an animal shelter since I love animals. As for humans living in perfect harmony..hahahaaaa.


    1. My suggestion re the pictures: scan them and store them somewhere, either on your hard drive, in Dropbox or other cloud storage, or in something like Evernote. If you don’t have a scanner, buy one; you can get one for around $100, or a pretty good all-in-one unit (print, scan, copy, and fax) for around $200. I bought one a few years ago and use it all the time.


  2. Thank you for Sharing Your World John! And many happy returns to Mary! She sounds so lovely! I got quite a laugh off the “Oddity’ clip, that’s certainly worth a bit of binge time! LOL Thanks too for all the awesome work you’re doing for A-Z (on a volunteer basis – right? 😉 ) Have a spectacular week!


    1. Ben, who runs Oddity Archive (actually, he IS Oddity Archive), is an interesting character. He knows a lot about TV, radio, equipment, music etc. and his shows are usually pretty interesting. His website,, has an episode guide so you can get an idea about what kinds of things he talks about. He really puts a lot of work into it.


      1. Hm, whatever that is! Ha. Then I’d still have to figure out how to embed them and all that. But I enjoy looking at yours! Your website and the music is really really fun. You are making people feel good at such a lousy time. 🙂


        1. Giphy is where you can get the GIF files, which you can then add to your posts. There are lots of tutorials available for using the WordPress Block Editor, in both text and video format. You can find a few here:

          It’s a little bit like drinking from a fire hose. I figured out how to make it work for me, and I think a lot of people have done the same.

          I think I’m a frustrated disk jockey, really…


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