#atozchallenge Top Ten: Springbok Radio (Johannesburg, South Africa), 6/4/65

Springbok Radio was the first commercial radio station in South Africa. It went on the air in 1945, and was not limited to just music, but also ran soap operas, children’s shows, dramas, comedies, and other programming as well as music. It was the only game in town until TV came to South Africa in 1976. After enduring several years of financial losses, they went off the air in 1985. The whole story is here. Anyway, let’s look at their Top Ten from June 4, 1965.

#10 – Connie Francis, "Forget Domani": A song from the 1964 film The Yellow Rolls-Royce, written by Riz Ortolani with lyrics by Norman Newell. This was a #1 hit for Ms. Francis in South Africa; in the US, her version and Frank Sinatra’s entered the Hot 100 in June and peaked in July, Sinatra at #78 and Connie at #79.

#9 – The Kinks, "Tired Of Waiting For You": From their second album, Kinda Kinks, this reached #1 in the UK and South Africa, #3 in Canada, and #6 in the US.

#8 – Cliff Richard, "The Minute You’re Gone": A country song by Jimmy Gateley that was originally done by Sonny James. Cliff’s cover spent a week at #1 in the UK and reached #8 in South Africa.

#7 – Chubby Checker, "Lovely, Lovely (Loverly, Loverly)": Reached #70 in the US.

#6 – The Rolling Stones, "Under The Boardwalk": The Stones’ cover of The Drifters hit reached #1 in South Africa and Australia and #2 in Rhodesia.

#5 – Petula Clark, "I Know A Place": A song by Tony Hatch, this was another #1 in South Africa while reaching #3 in the US and #17 in the UK.

#4 – Gene Rockwell, "Torture": Gene Rockwell was a native South African singer who had a hit with "Heart" in 1976.

#3 – Emil Dean, "Key To Your Heart": Born and bred in Johannesburg, he had two hit singles, "How The Mighty Hath Fallen" and "Key To Your Heart." Later he became known as Emil Zoghby and was a successful South African record producer.

#2 – The Beatles, "Ticket To Ride": From the album Help!, this reached #1 in the US, Canada, and the UK, and #2 in South Africa.

#1 – Ricky Nelson, "I Need You": Was a hit in South Africa, but there’s no other information that I can see.

More ultra-oldies with T tomorrow!

13 thoughts on “#atozchallenge Top Ten: Springbok Radio (Johannesburg, South Africa), 6/4/65

  1. Some surprises here – songs by artists I knew but never heard of (Ricky Nelson, for one). I enjoyed the cover of Under the Boardwalk by the Rolling Stones – also new to me. Of course, I knew “Ticket to Ride” as it was a hit here in the states. I’ve been told I have a cousin living in South Africa but I know none of the details. But maybe one day…


  2. Great selection of blasts from the past! I didn’t know the Stones did “Under the Boardwalk”. Also, love “Ticket to Ride”.


  3. Hi John – very poppy – but that was the back in the 1970s out there; thanks for letting me know it was coming up. I’m thinking about writing about Africa, rather as I’m doing at the moment … and if so will refer to this here. I visited an exhibition on Namibian music and art in London … and would like to write that up sometime – it wasn’t the easiest thing to do – but I have the info. Thanks for taking me back to my early days in Southern Africa … cheers HIlary


  4. The Beatles “Ticket to Ride” is my favourite pick from this list (finally an easy one after a few days of tricky to pick).


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