Song of the Day: Glen Campbell, “Gentle On My Mind”

Singer and guitar player extraordinaire Glen Campbell was born on this day in 1936. I’ve used this video before, I know, but it’s one of my favorites: I believe it’s from TNN’s Nashville Now!, when he played "Gentle On My Mind" in front of a veritable Who’s Who of country music singers and players. You can see the admiration and respect they had for him.

11 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Glen Campbell, “Gentle On My Mind”

  1. My first memory of him was when he hosted his own show in the early seventies…I remember him and Mac Davis had some kind of show…probably variety.


    1. Those were the days of the variety shows. Glen’s was a good one, and was on Sunday nights, right after The Smothers Brothers. There were all kinds, though: Rich Little, Flip Wilson, Dean Martin, Bill Cosby, Red Skelton, and Campbell were regular season shows, and during the summer there were all kinds of them, of which Mac Davis was one (at least that was how it started). I should start a list…

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      1. The Smothers Brothers I have seen now but I must have been just a little too young to see those….I do remember the others…Flip Wilson especially.
        That would be a good post on variety shows

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