Writer’s Workshop: Five Favorite Desserts

Time to talk about one of my favorite topics: food. More specifically, dessert food. One of the prompts this week is to "list your top 5 favorite desserts." Frankly, I can go for just about anything sweet, and it shows…

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Klondike Bars. Given half a chance, I could binge on Klondike bars. It’s like an ice cream bar without the stick. They come in lots of flavors, but my favorite is the Original, a square of vanilla ice cream covered with a double layer of chocolate. Second would probably be the Mint Chocolate Chip, a square of mint chocolate chip ice cream covered with dark chocolate. But really, they’re all great.

Fresh fruit. Mary buys fresh fruit whenever she goes to the store. Berries are a particular favorite, especially blueberries (lots of antioxidants) and raspberries, and lately she’s been buying bananas. She also buys cut fruit, like cantaloupe, melon, and the ever-popular pineapple. She likes peaches, which I don’t, so she brings grapes home when there are good ones. Sometimes she picks up apples and pears, though not so often. When I was more mobile and we had a blender, I would make smoothies, with whey powder, water, a banana, and a couple of frozen strawberries, maybe an ice cube or two. Mmmm….

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Pie. I really like pie, especially pie a la mode. Wednesdays at O’Charley’s are "free pie days," where you get a free slice of pie with an entree. We’ve started ordering meals from there and having them delivered, and on Wednesday they offer a whole pie with a family-style meal (two entrees, two family-sized sides). We can get at least two meals out of the family-sized meal, and that includes pie. The pies are made by Baker’s Square, which was a favorite of ours when we lived in Chicago. On Thanksgiving and Christmas, we buy a couple of pies, usually a pumpkin for her and a banana (or coconut) cream pie for me. Of course, Mary helps me polish those off….

Image by Couleur from Pixabay

Cake. It was Mary’s birthday on Tuesday, and she picked up a small cake at the grocery store that we split. A real good one, too, with fresh fruit. Lately she’s been making pound cakes every couple of weeks, sometimes with fresh fruit, sometimes just a plain one. She makes it in a bundt pan, so we have it for a few days. Very tasty. She’s a good baker…

Image by Joseph V M from Pixabay

Milk Shakes. I was going to say "ice cream," but I’ve already talked about Klondike bars and pie a la mode, so I figured I’d talk about milk shakes, even though I usually have one with a meal, rather than as dessert. Of the fast food shakes, my favorite are the Jamocha shakes from Arby’s. Zaxby’s, which specializes in chicken sandwiches and tenders and is generally in the South, used to have a couple of shakes on their menu, but they decided it took too much time to make them and got rid of them. Before the coronavirus, Mary and I would go to Chick-Fil-A and get ice cream in the afternoon, and I’d have one of their shakes, or sometimes go to Wendy’s and I’d have a Frosty.

Of course, anything else (cookies, éclairs, donuts, etc.) fit in there somewhere.

In the near future, Mary and I plan to give all of this up and try to lose weight. It won’t be easy, and Covid-19 has been a good excuse not to, but really, it’s time. I can always indulge in my vices in my dreams, I guess, if I can quit smoking in them…

19 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Five Favorite Desserts

  1. Oh I think a LOT of us have been indulging in many of these goodies over the course of the past year. I will happily eat everything you listed and I might also add donuts. 🙂


  2. It occurs to me that I have yet to try a Klondike bar! I’ve got a mission now. Thanks, I think my husband will thank you too!


    1. What? Never had a Klondike bar? Believe me, they’re great. Try one and you’ll see. Maybe the best to go with are the original, the Reese’s peanut butter cup flavor, and the Heath bar flavor. I also like the mint chocolate chip ones. Anyway, trust me, yopu’ll love ’em!


  3. I love klondike bars-the original kind. I love chocolate especially Lindor or anything creamy and smooth. I love cookies and make some great cookies to be frank. Chocolate ice cream is another favourite…yummmy. I also love tortes. The Germans are excellent cake makers with many layers whether it be butter cream, whipped cream, mousse…people never mentioned German torte’s but hey are the best to be honest. I also love fruit and can’t imagine my life without fruit.


  4. I am now on a mission to find Neapolitan Klondike Bars, thanks to you, John. Did a local search and this flavor turned up in a supermarket I don’t usually shop at…or down in Manhattan. Me thinks I’ll bite-the-bullet and head locally to find this deliciousness.

    And, a “Frosty” from Wendy’s? Oh yes!

    Everyone reading your post likely gained a few pounds. Or will.


  5. I remember Bakers Square! Caramel Pecan Silk Supreme. Oh, was that good. I didn’t know they existed anymore. I see on their website there are none in the west, and actually few at all anymore. Mine was in CA.


    1. They’re all concentrated in the Midwest, and even then many are closed. They used to have around 30 in the Chicago area, now there are only about five. My grandmother used to contribute the pies for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and would phone the order in to one close to where we lived and we’d pick them up. They were owned by Pillsbury and were originally called Poppin’ Fresh Pies, remember?


  6. I’ve never been one for desserts, mainly due to when I was younger, I had hypoglycemia. Chocolate and red wine are my go-tos for sweets.


    1. Bummer–I mean, not now, but when you were younger. Most of the red wines I know are fairly dry (I never drank much wine, anyway), but I remember a Greek wine called Mavrodaphne that was very sweet, more of a dessert wine…

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      1. Yes, some red wines are very sweet and I am not familiar with most of them. I prefer the dry red wines and find that Kroger and Aldi have a decent red wine selection. I still have to watch my sugar intake to keep it under control.

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  7. Hi John … Happy Birthday to Mary – losing weight is not easy … just enjoy what you can … all the very best – cheers Hilary


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