There’s A Man In The Funny Papers We All Know #socs

Alley Oop, Oop, Oop oop…

The first thing that came to mind when I saw the prompt. This, incidentally, was the first song that WLS played as a Top 40 station in May 1960.

Second thing I thought of was Bobby Troup, who, while his name doesn’t end in -oop, sounds like it does. He wrote the famous song "Route 66," which Nat King Cole covered, but here’s Bobby doing it. Backing him are Dennis Budimir on guitar, Don Bagley on bass, and Denells Barton on drums.

That video is taken from 1964, when Troup’s wife, Julie London, had a TV show in Japan called The Julie London Show. Julie had been married to TV producer Jack Webb, whom she divorced in 1952. She and Troup got married in 1960. That was the same year that ABC did a show called Route 66 with George Maharis and Martin Milner. Apparently Troup wanted too much money to license the song, so they had Nelson Riddle write one.

Finally, my favorite line from the 1980 comedy masterpiece, Caddyshack, which mentions soup…

Well, it starts as stream of consciousness, anyway…

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17 thoughts on “There’s A Man In The Funny Papers We All Know #socs

  1. I see I was a copycat, though I didn’t peek until just now I promise. Alley Oop was all I could think of. I never got past it.


  2. Ally Oop is just a fun song and the commercial is hilarious! I love the kangaroo who is quite cool. Ally Oop Troup does quite well singing that song but I always think of him from Emergency and I feel he missed out having his version on the classic tv show. By the way, I actually like Nelson Riddle’s song a bit better. I wonder if that teepee garage is still there..I doubt it but that would be neat to see. I love Caddyshack and Rodney Dangerfield is hilarious as the very uncouth slob with lots of money. I wonder when the political correct police will grab a hold of this one.


    1. Did you ever read “Alley Oop” in the comics? None of the Chicago papers carried it, so I never did.

      If you remember Bobby from Emergency, you no doubt remember his wife Julie London as well.


    1. I think “Alley Oop” was out of the comics by the time I started reading them, at least in Chicago, so I’ve only seen a couple of them. It’s still going….


    1. Riddle knew he’d have a tough act to follow, so he wrote a whole different piece, but tried to keep the feel of Troup’s original with the little piano lick. He did a pretty good job, I think.


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