Song of the Day: Ann-Margret, “I Just Don’t Understand”

Dancer, singer, actress, and sex symbol Ann-Margret turns 80 today. Born in Sweden, she moved to the US with her family in 1946 and they settled in the northern suburbs of Chicago, where she graduated from New Trier High School (later known as New Trier East when I was a student at New Trier West) and attended Northwestern University before leaving to seek her fame and fortune (whether that was her decision or the University’s is open to some speculation). "I Just Don’t Understand" is from her 1961 EP of the same name.

12 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Ann-Margret, “I Just Don’t Understand”

  1. This song actually sounds pretty good. I’ve always liked her of course…I’m a guy…this song does sound interesting and is not a show business type song I thought it would be.


    1. Recognizing that it doesn’t exactly fit the formula, the fact is that this is blues. You could almost hear Janis Joplin or Bonnie Raitt doing this. She has the perfect voice for it.

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  2. I always like Ann-Margrock (sorry for the Flintstone reference. This is an excellent song that I never heard before. She really is a Kitten with a whip.


  3. I like Ann Margaret just fine. I’ve heard her sing in films and on TV, but never once have I ever considered buying one of her records. This is a somewhat interesting song–different than what I would have expected from her.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


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