Monday’s Music Moves Me: Makeup Work

I was so busy with A to Z last month that I decided to use my entries for that as my entries for Monday’s Music Moves Me. In doing so, I blew off Driller, who was last month’s guest conductor, who asked for rain songs on the 12th and artists who were born in April on the 26th. As to the latter, most of my Song of the Day entries for April were a way to showcase artists on their birthdays, so I won’t go back through them.

Which left the rain songs. Now, I have a playlist that I built years ago (in the very early days of the blog), and when I re-ran that entry a few years later, my brother Kip came up with another one. So for this list, I decided to go with all new entries, some of which I wasn’t familiar until building the list. Hope you like it.

  1. Roy Orbison, "Blue Rain": A song from Roy’s 1973 album Milestones. It was released as a single, but failed to chart.

  2. Eric Clapton, "Let It Rain": From his eponymous studio 1970 studio album, written by Slowhand and Bonnie Bramlett. It reached #48 in the US and #42 in Canada, but got a lot of FM airplay, as I recall.

  3. SWV, "Rain": I never knew about these three ladies until today, but evidently they were a very popular singing group in the 1990’s and have reunited. "Rain" was released in 1997 and reached #7 on the R&B chart, #15 on the Adult R&B chart, and #25 on the Hot 100.

  4. The Cowsills, "The Rain, The Park, And Other Things": From 1967, this was a Top Ten hit in the US (#2 Hot 100, #1 Cash Box), Canada (#1), Australia (#4), and New Zealand (#2).

  5. Neil Sedaka, "Laughter In The Rain": Neil’s 1974 return to the Top 40 chart, reaching #1 on the Billboard and Cash Box charts for one week and #1 on the Adult Contemporary chart for two weeks.

  6. Simply Three, "Rain": Don’t know much about these three string players, but it is a lovely song.

  7. Gene Kelly, "Singin’ In The Rain": Birgit asked for this on the first two lists, and I had to include it on this one. Plus, it’s a great song and a tremendous performance by Gene Kelly.

  8. Gary Allan, "Songs About Rain": I wasn’t familiar with Gary, but I liked the song when I heard it. It reached #12 on the Country chart, #71 on the Hot 100, and #10 on the Canadian Country, and was certified Gold. It mentions some of my favorite songs about rain, so when I do Part IV I have a good start.

  9. Ruth Lorenzo, "Dancing In The Rain": Spain’s entry into the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, where it came in 10th.

  10. Yiruma, "Kiss The Rain": Some lovely New Age piano by South Korean Lee Ru-Ma, who goes by the stage name Yiruma. It reached #9 in South Korea with sales of over 550 thousand.

And that’s Monday’s Music Moves Me for May 3, 2021. Alana and Stacy have the Linky list with all the participants listed.

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15 thoughts on “Monday’s Music Moves Me: Makeup Work

  1. Thank you for showing “Singing In The Rain” which is such a great song and dance #. Gene Kelly said it was one of his easiest ones and they shot this during the day time. They placed a a huge black tarp over the area and it got very hot in there. On top of that Kelly had the flu and had a high fever. Amazing work all things considered. I love Roy Orbison and this song is so good. “Dancing in the Rain” is really good as well. Loved it.


  2. With your A to Z duties, I can’t believe you aren’t totally burnt out. But no, you did your usual great job with the theme – who cares if it’s late? (Although I can’t speak for Driller….) You have some of my favorites – the Cowsills, Neil Sedeka – but the song that really blew me away was the very first one, Roy Orbison. And it didn’t even chart!


    1. It was pouring rain when I put that list together, just like with the first one. If it starts raining like that again, I might just put together another list…

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  3. John,

    I’m sure Driller understands your busyness last month. As much fun as A2Z is, I’m always glad when it ends. Now, I need to catch up with everyone I fell behind on, so I’m definitely going to take part in the Road Trip this year. I’m glad you have a long playlist for me to enjoy this morning which I am listening to while I do some of my A2Z visits. You and your fellow A2Z co-hosts did a fabulous job. Thanks for all the hard work you put into the annual event, my friend.

    The 4M crew are tickled to have you as this month’s honorary co-host. It’s time to get the party going today, so have a boogietastic week, my friend!


    1. I didn’t get to half of the people I do follow this time around, so you know I’ll be road tripping. In fact, that reminds me, I have to write the post for the challenge blog for it… Glad you liked the latest “rain” playlist. I might do one or two (or more) later..


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