Song of the Day: Leonid & Friends, “The Speck Of Dust”

I’m going to do something a little different today. The Russian band Leonid & Friends, who sound more like the band Chicago than Chicago does, has been slowly incorporating the music from other bands, including Earth, Wind & Fire and The Ides of March (their cover of "Vehicle" drew praise from no less than Jim Peterik, who wrote the song and played on the original). More recently, they did an original song called "The Speck Of Dust," written by the late Alexey Ashtaev with lyrics by Leonid Vorobyev and his son Roman. In addition to the usual musicians and singers, there is a full orchestra directed by Alexey Vereshagin and throat-singing by Altai singer Cheynesh Baytushkina. The lead vocal is provided by the incredible Ksenia Buzina, whose performance is so good that you’ll find yourself asking (as I have for months now) why she isn’t an international star already.

24 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Leonid & Friends, “The Speck Of Dust”

  1. I just saw Leonid and Friends live at Roanoke Virginia’s Festival in the Park. Magnificent doesn’t come even close to describing how good they were. As for Ksenia, I think they should feature her individually during times the band takes a break to showcase her talent.


  2. What happened to Alexey Ashtaev? He was the most talented guitar player I’ve seen. He could adapt to any style of music and his voice was superior also.


    1. Isn’t that amazing? The first time I heard it, I had to listen another couple of times just to make sure it was as fantastic as I thought it was. And it was.


  3. Absolutely mesmerisng piece of music .. It’s what I call journey music.. because, well.. it takes you on a journey! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I have heard it at least 20 times now!


    1. It’s an amazing piece of music. I don’t know why they don’t get a lot more attention, and I’m baffled that Ksenia isn’t a superstar already. Granted, most of their music to now has been covers, but even so…


  4. Beautiful, in every way. Reminds me of an updated Fifth Dimenion, sonically. The throat-singing certainly adds another layer. And yes, she should be an international star.


    1. Glad you enjoyed it! Their covers of Chicago songs are note-perfect, and they had to figure them out by themselves. Tremendous musicians, all of them.


    2. When I first heard it I thought it sounded like something the Manhattan Transfer would do, but I definitely understand the Fifth Dimension reference.


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