#atozchallenge 2021: A Reflection

Well, that was fun: another A to Z Challenge done and dusted! This was my tenth Challenge, and it won’t be my last, barring unforeseen circumstances.

This year, I chose a more ambitious theme: in the spirit of Top Ten Tuesday, my weekly exercise where I take a radio station survey from the past and recreate it, I decided to do a survey for each day of the A to Z Challenge, using the radio station call letters (or, in several cases, the name of the radio station) to select a station for the day. Everyone seemed to like the results, and I have to say it’s given me a sense of accomplishment.

I did very little preparation ahead of time, meaning that I wrote a lot of the posts during the month (sometimes the day before) rather than getting all of them done before April 1. This left me less time than I would have liked to go explore new blogs. Even after deciding to put several of my regular features on hiatus during the month, I felt rushed, as though I had so much to do and not enough time to do it in. Looks like I’ll be taking the road trip again, starting in my own backyard, i.e. the people whose blogs I read regularly anyway.

I enjoy being a member of the "team" that puts on the challenge every year:

Looking forward to working with y’all again next year!

So, my goals for next year:

  1. Choose a simpler theme. Maybe no theme…
  2. Get everything finished before April 1.
  3. Do much more visiting and exploring.

Thanks to everybody who participated in the Challenge this year. See you in the funny papers!

23 thoughts on “#atozchallenge 2021: A Reflection

  1. Thanks for your efforts in putting the challenge together – much appreciated!
    A good radio station is great to find – I understand that American stations are very strictly defined as to genre and I really love an eclectic mix. Recently we stayed in Crete – escaping the virus in the UK and listened to Kosmos out of Athens and I loved the range of their offering – didn’t matter that we couldn’t understand the DJ’s. Having said that, I will be dipping into your guide – I use the Radio Garden app to find radio stations all over the world when I am working at mind-numbing tasks…


  2. Thanks so much for being a part of the team who puts this together! This was my 3rd time to participate and I feel like I tried hard to visit more blogs this time and I’ve enjoyed it!


  3. I, too, felt cramped for time during the challenge. That seems to be the case for me every year, though.

    I enjoyed your posts… they brought back so many memories!


  4. Hi John – your theme was perfect – thank you … I so enjoyed listening to them all … especially the South African one! Brilliant – thank you … cheers Hilary


  5. Not sure what the sweet spot is for being able to visit more blog sites. I had my articles written and many scheduled in advance, only needing to tweek a few before posting. Still I couldn’t make it past #155 on the list with several others I picked up from other blogs. Thank you for co-hosting the Challenge, John, and for the entertaining musical lists of top-tens.

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  6. Congratulations once again. I have to catch up on more of your playlists one of these days. You always pick hard themes – take it easy next year!


  7. Next year, you could do the Greek alphabet, and take a couple of days off. Or Cyrillic, and really need a break at the end. 🙂


  8. Well done, your theme was great, and it didn’t show that you didn’t wrote ahead your posts. I will sign for the Road Trip too and going to read your posts I missed 😉


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