Makes You Wonder #1LinerWeds

Basically, you trade $120,000 for a certificate of completion. My stepfather, who was an admission counselor in his later years, called it a union card. Like I said, it makes you wonder…

One-Liner Wednesday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now a word from Valley Forge beer, the beer with the wonderful flavor!

The video with all the commercials I had been using got taken down all of a sudden. This is the start of a new one. Bummer…

19 thoughts on “Makes You Wonder #1LinerWeds

  1. I am lucky that my university classes were about $187 per course and when I finished it was $225 per course. This was back in the 80s before our universities decided to be more like the States. Funny, we seem to learn so little especially from those boring profs while students in Europe who go to school free, learn much more.


    1. If you ended up using 5% of the information you received in quest of a bachelor’s degree, you did better than many. I finally figured out that the reason I got so many C’s and D’s in high school and college was because that’s all the effort the class was worth to me.


  2. It does make you wonder, John. My son, after a semister at our local community college, decided he really wanted to work with his hands, dropped out of college, and has worked at a machine shop ever since. I was disappointed when he did it, but, in retrospect, I think he made a wise decision.


  3. That is an insane amount of money. About 20% of what I learned with my BA in psychology was actually useful in my counseling career. And that’s being generous.


    1. A bachelor’s degree is so larded with classes that have absolutely nothing to do with your major, it’s nearly worthless. I took 50 classes, only one of which got my foot in the door anywhere. The rest I could have gotten at the library…

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  4. A union card explains it very well. Of course you can’t be tossed out of this particular union once you’re in it, but still the concept is spot on.


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