On My Left… #socs

I have my end table which has two electrical outlets and two USB ports that I use for all my electrical needs while I’m sitting in the living room blogging or surfing the Internet or whatever. There was a shelf that attached to the legs, but we didn’t install it. Too much work, too much effort, and too little actual usefulness.

On the table are my two travel mugs, a black one for coffee and a red one for lemonade. I use travel mugs because I’m a klutz and knock regular cups and glasses over onto the floor, and since I can’t get down on the floor to clean it up, Mary has to, and after one especially bad spill she ordered me to keep my travel mugs closed when I wasn’t drinking out of them. and I do. It’s like that clause in the preamble of the Constitution: insure domestic tranquility. I’m totally into domestic tranquility.

My headphones had been on the table, though right now they’re on my head. Eventually I’ll actually be playing something through them. Probably the "word from our sponsor" that goes at the end of my #socs posts.

There’s a letter on my table from the President of the United States announcing more stimulus money. It arrived in an envelope from the Internal Revenue Service. Scared me half to death, because usually when you get one of those it means you might owe money. You’d think the President would use his own envelopes for something like that, but no…

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13 thoughts on “On My Left… #socs

  1. We got that letter, as well, and we also get an email from the USPS giving a heads up on our mail. Anything from the IRS is unsettling, IMO. We had just filed our taxes and it was a relief to find the letter was nothing threatening.


    1. I never got the email telling me to expect the one in the mail. In fact, I’m so far out of it I never even knew there was another stimulus payment coming.


    1. I was really concerned when I saw it (I get an email with a preview of the mail coming) and was wracking my brain, trying to come up with what I might have done wrong on my taxes. I was really upset when I saw what it was. All that worrying for nothing…

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      1. When I find out I worried for nothing, I wonder when I’m going to stop doing that. I guess it’s human. Glad it wasn’t the IRS though.


  2. Ha! I thought the same when we got our envelope. Second year filing to include Bs business which made me sure we’d done something wrong with our taxes. What a relief that wasn’t the case … so far. Fingers still crossed 😉

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    1. The thing that I was worried about was that maybe they had no record of my estimated tax payments, or that I used the wrong category when I set up the payment. I’ve done that before…

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    1. That and batteries, sizes AA, AAA, and 9V. I had an old radio that took 6 C batteries, and the more I think about it, I probably could have used a 9 volt with some changes…

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