The Road Trip Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Piels Beer, the beer with the long-lasting head!

Be sure and check the A to Z Challenge website tomorrow for information about the post-A to Z Challenge Road Trip. It’s an opportunity to visit all the blogs you missed, or that you told yourself that you were going to come back and visit more and never quite got around to. All the information you’ll need is there, and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

I don’t know about you, but after A to Z, I’m beat. It usually takes a week or two to get back into the swing of things, but I’m getting there. I had a full week of the post-Challenges and I still managed to get things accomplished. What things? Why, these things…

Seeing as how I didn’t actually participate in MMMM by doing the weekly themes that Driller came up with, I doubled back and did his April 12 theme, songs about rain. I already had two rain playlists already, but I came up with a fresh one. I might come up with another fresh one in the near future, so stay tuned, all you rain-soaked music lovers.

We were asked whether we wanted to be super nice and depressed, or a real a$$hole and happy; whether we had ever made anyone cry; whether we were dreamers or go-getters; and what instrument we’d play if we were in a band.

Since I had done so many weekly surveys during April, I decided that, for most of the rest of the year, I’d do Billboard year-end surveys, but instead of numbers one to ten, I’d do numbers 11 through 20. Last week, we looked at 1960.

This past week’s one-liner was about learning and whether the Internet did a better job of teaching than a college degree. It’s a whole lot cheaper by Internet, but you don’t end up with a Certificate of Completion at the end.

On Wednesday, I also did my A to Z Challenge Reflections post, in which I said I wished I had done a lot more visiting and commenting. I’ll be doing plenty of those during the Road Trip, which begins tomorrow.

The prompt I chose was to share a recipe we know by heart. In my case, this was the recipe for a Manhattan cocktail, which my mother and stepfather enjoyed frequently at home. I’d made them for her since I was 13. I also talked about my brother Pat’s tradition of having a Manhattan on both his parents’ birthdays, a fitting way to celebrate.

The prompt was a picture of a rather colorful bird, and I talked about how I love birds, even the vultures who live on Sweat Mountain near where I live and the hawk that lives in a tree behind us and hunts down and eats squirrels in the neighborhood, not to mention the crows that winter here.

I kicked off my next series, which is all about popular instrumentals, with a look at Exotica, a form of music that was popular in the ’40’s and ’50’s that was intended to take the listener on a trip to an exotic destination, usually a tropical one. It brought back fond memories of remembering parents listning to it.

The prompt was to look to our left and write about what’s there. I chose the end table and the things that are on it.

I’m the guest "conductor" for Monday’s Music Moves Me, and chose "songs from ’80’s and ’90’s films" as tomorrow’s theme. On Tuesday, I’ll be featuring #11-20 on the 1961 year-end Hot 100. More instrumentals on Friday. As for the rest of the week, I’m waiting for Melanie, Christine, Kat, Mary M., and Linda to send the prompts. Stay tuned!

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      1. Yeah, seems like you were very busy but you handled it very well. Sometimes, I work better under pressure, even if it is my own blog. I think it fills the void when I was working.


        1. I’ve learned to stop and take a step back, and tell myself that I set the release time of the posts, and if they’re a little late no one is going to complain (much, anyway…)

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