Share Your World For May 10, 2021

Melanie has another batch of Monday questions to answer. Hey, why not go over to her place and learn about Share Your World? It’s oodles of fun!

What do you believe but cannot prove? The Parallel Universe Theory. Also, Fermat’s last theorem.

Do animals have morals? Forty plus years of cat ownership has shown me that no, at least not as far as cats are concerned. Ogden Nash once wrote "In the world of mules, There are no rules."

Is there inherent order in nature or is it all chaos and chance? I think I’d have to go with chaos and chance, mostly because of alliteration.

Where is your least favorite place in the world? The international arivals area at Pearson Airport in Toronto. It’s ugly, with horrible abstract drawings of international destinations painted on walls the color of boogers, and more often than not the Immigration Canada agents were unpleasant. The last time I went to Canada, I flew to Buffalo and drove to Toronto. Yeah, that bad.

Gratitude: I had a really bad backache yesterday, so I’m grateful for Biofreeze and NSAID’s.

20 thoughts on “Share Your World For May 10, 2021

  1. Thank you so much John for Sharing Your World! You’ve given me a bit of education today too! I’d never heard of Fermat’s Last Theorem. And although I understand what ‘natural’ numbers are postulated to be, I still didn’t understand that very well. O_o But then I never ‘got’ math past Algebra really. It just fried my gray cells. It was blamed at the time on my having two X chromosomes too. Odd. Anyway. Great answers to the questions, and wonderful memes to illustrate your points! I’d never heard of ‘Biofreeze’. Something to look for if the Gabapentin ceases to work on my neuropathy pain. I hope your back is feeling a lot better today! Take care John!


    1. The whole “girls suck at math” thing is BS. My math teachers in grammar school were all nuns (some of whom my grandfather taught), and the girls were expected to do as well as the boys, just as the boys were expected to be good readers and writers.

      Biofreeze is good for minor aches and pains. It has menthol in it, and it comes in spray bottles and roll-on. You can get it at Amazon and I think CVS carries it.


    1. My back is doing much better thanks to naproxen sodium. I take it for my knees but it works just as well on muscle aches. I take a ton of it (3 pills twice a day), which is like a perscription dose. Ibuprofen is good, too.

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      1. I can’t take pills and my system has never handled any type of medication well. I use an ActiPatch loop for my aches and pains. It works great for my hands, which one I injured in a fall and the other one aches from using my mouse.


        1. Can you use your other hand on the mouse? It takes some practice, but it would take some of the pressure off your mouse hand. I use a right-handed setup and handle the mouse with my left hand. You just have to remember that your middle finger is left-click and your index finger is right. Trust me, you don’t want tendinitis…

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  2. “The international arrivals area at Pearson Airport in Toronto.” Totally agree. The last time I had to go to Toronto, I drove from CT.

    Is there a parallel universe where we live like cats?


  3. There are many things I believe in that can’t be proven…I don’t believe we are the only humanoid race in the entire galaxy or universe. I do think spirits are around but not caught on crappy reality tv shows. I also believe in reincarnation. Animals that have morals..I still wonder if humans have morals. I do think there is an inherent order to nature even when it is chaotic. Oh yes, Toronto Pearson is not the nicest by a long shot but I would say there are many areas in the U.S. that I would not want to see again and they seem to be so close to the good areas…very strange. I don’t like seeing…or smelling the city dump or travelling on the QEW and seeing the lovely smoke stacks at the harbour in Hamilton. Like you, I am grateful for my Tylenol 3


  4. I like the idea of parallel universes. Maybe somewhere we’re getting it right. Or I am at least. My fantasy novel is sort of about that, well as one possibility anyway. I hope in some parallel universe I’m actually writing it!


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