Weekly Song Challenge, Week 19

Been a few weeks since I did this. Apologies to Mary, who also did the A to Z Challenge. Anyway, today she asks for…

A song with a country in the title: Geoff & Maria Muldaur, "Brazil"

A song that mentions a type of weather in the title: Tommy Emmanuel, "Windy & Warm"

A song with a month in the title: Leonid & Friends’ cover of Earth Wind & Fire’s "September"

Tally ho, and away we go! See you next week with a brand new show!

15 thoughts on “Weekly Song Challenge, Week 19

  1. I love it! Brazil was quite different and, for some reason, reminded me of the B52’s because he sounds like an odd duck, I guess. Tommy does a great job and I liked listening to him and so glad to hear this song by this great band whom I would love to see when they tour. They are excellent.


  2. John,

    I love Leonid and Friends! They are awesome and I love how they use an orchestra with their covers just like Chicago did back in the day. Wouldn’t it be cool if bands went back to using real musicians instead of synthesizers and soundtracks? The fella playing the guitar is really good. I enjoyed listening to him. “Brazil” is a happy sound. Makes my head bobble side to side and toes tap to the beat. Great job! Thanks for stopping by yesterday to check out my WSC picks.


    1. They’re a pretty amazing band from Russia of very talented musicians, and the young woman, Ksenia Buzina, should be an international star. Leonid, who plays bass, writes all their arrangements BY EAR…

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  3. Thanks for the Leonid and Friends song! It led me to their cover of “Vehicle”, which just blew me away. They are good!

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    1. Did you read the comments on “Vehicle”? They got one from Jim Peterik himself, and he was blown away. He said that Serge, who plays lead guitar, had Jim’s solo down cold. They are really amazing. Leonid should write a book on writing arrangements that sound like the original. He does all that by ear…

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      1. I saw that comment – pretty amazing. I don’t know if one can truly learn to arrange by ear like that, without having a “base:” giftedness.

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  4. Hey John! Thanks for joining in! I knew you were busy with the AtoZ, and that’s okay. April was a crazy month for me as well. I’m slowly getting back into the groove of things.

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