Song of the Day: Yes, “Owner Of A Lonely Heart”

Happy birthday to keyboardist extraordinaire Rick Wakeman, best know for his work with early ’70’s progressive rock band Yes. Wakeman served five tenures with Yes between 1971 and 2004. "Owner Of A Lonely Heart" is from their 11th studio album, 1983’s 90125, and was their one #1 song on the Hot 100. Tony Kaye played keyboards on the original recording, but Wakeman is back with them in this 1991 live version from their "Union Tour."

16 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Yes, “Owner Of A Lonely Heart”

  1. They simplified a little and had a major hit. This was one you can play without hours of practice.


      1. I like The River, and only listen to it when I am cleaning or can’t go to sleep. Like many radio stations, they are repetitive.


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