The Pentecost Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Old Dutch Beer. It has the right touch!

I’ve been having a hard time getting the lead out this past week. I think I still have an A to Z hangover.

My annual physical is on Friday. I’m sure plenty will be said about my weight, but I feel pretty good, actually. He mentioned last year that he was thinking of changing my blood pressure medicine (one of them, anyway), so we’ll see if he does that. The fun part will be when they draw blood… anyway, Memorial Day is just about upon us, meaning summer is not far behind. I say summer comes June 1, like all the cool kids do. But that’s not for another week. Which will be a very hot week, temperatures headed to 90° before rain comes in on Saturday. Just in time for Memorial Day…

Here’s the summary.

I’m doing instrumentals on Fridays for a while, so I came up with ten instrumental chosen at random from my lists from the ’50’s, ’60’s, and ’70’.

Questions included which inanimate object I would permanently get rid of, what tells me the most about a person, what looks easy until you try it, and what explanation that’s totally false but plausible for headaches and tooth decay.

Numbers 11 through 20from the year-end 1962 Billboard Hot 100 were featured.

My one-liner was a "how to" on how to delete spam and trash comments all at once from your blog site instead of having to page through all of it and delete it one page at a time. I don’t know about you, but I was happy to learn it.

The prompt picture looked like two mantises, which made me think of Zorak, one of the crazy characters Cartoon Network used as a sidekick to Space Ghost. So I wrote about that. No surprise there.

I chose the "write about a recent purchase" and wrote about the CCrane Solar Observer, an emergency radio I purchased recently. It’s a good radio to have around during tornadoes or other severe weather situations. Now all I need is a tornado or other severe weather situation…

Listed the Top 5 (actually the Top 6) instrumentals from the ’50’s.

The prompt was to find a word that had "roc" in it and use it as the basis of a post. I chose "grocery" and looked back to the days of going to the grocery store.

Tomorrow on Monday’s Music Moves Me, I asked for songs from the Eurovision Song Contest (not limited to just this year’s contest, and not limited to the first-place winners). We’ll do #11-20 on the 1963 year-end Hot 100 on Tuesday, and look at the Top 5 instrumentals from the ’60’s on Friday. After that, it’ll be up to the prompt-bearers. Be sure and tune in!

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