Song of the Day: Peggy Lee, “Fever”

Singer, songwriter, and actress Miss Peggy Lee would be 101 years old today. In her career, which spanned seven decades, she recorded over 1100 songs and wrote over 270. She was the voice of Darling in the 1955 Disney movie Lady & The Tramp and had parts in the 1952 remake of The Jazz Singer with Danny Thomas and and 1955’s Pete Kelly’s Blues with Jack Webb. Her 1958 recording of "Fever" reached #8 in the US, #5 in the UK, and #2 in Australia. She was accompanied by bassist Joe Mandragon, drummer Shelley Manne (who played the drums with his fingers) and Howard Roberts, the guitarist on the date, who provided the finger snaps along with Miss Peggy.

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    1. She was as close to a superstar as there was back then. She also did a song called “Is That All There Is?” in the late ’60’s that was on the charts for a while.


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