Weekly Song Challenge, Week 21

Haven’t done this one in a few weeks as I’ve been recovering from A to Z. Well, let’s get back on it…

A song with a room in the title: Django Reinhardt, "Rose Room." Had to get an instrumental in there…

A song with a type of gem in the title: Thin Lizzy, "Emerald." I saw pearls, diamonds, and rubies… here’s an emerald.

A song with a harmony: The Tymes, "So Much In Love." I used this yesterday on Top Ten Tuesday, and what a beauty. These are all five original members, forty years after this topped the chart in 1963.

There’s the tunes, and I am outta here…

6 thoughts on “Weekly Song Challenge, Week 21

    1. The original of “So Much In Love” was beautiful, but to hear them come back 40 years later and sound as good as they did was an unexpected pleasure. So often, when there’s a reunion, two or three members have died and been replaced, so this was really special.


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