Five For Friday: Top 5 Instrumentals from the ’60’s

I’m going to try and get this posted before leaving for the doctor, so none of the usual blather about the songs. This, again, is from the Top 100 website, which reminds us that the ’60’s were the decade where the most instrumentals (544) reached the Hot 100. These are the Top 5, and I think you’ll recognize most, if not all of them.

#5 – Lawrence Welk, "Calcutta" (#1 for 2 weeks, 1961)

#4 – The Tornadoes, "Telstar" (#1 for 3 weeks, 1962)

#3 – Bert Kaempfert, "Winderland By Night" (#1 for 3 weeks, 1961)

#2 – Paul Mauriat, "Love Is Blue (L’amour Est Bleu)" (#1 for 5 weeks, 1968)

#1 – Percy Faith, "Theme From A Summer Place" (#1 for 9 weeks, 1960)

Back to normal, whatever that is, next week. That’s Five For Friday for May 28, 2021. Happy Memorial Day!

15 thoughts on “Five For Friday: Top 5 Instrumentals from the ’60’s

  1. Right from the start…”An Error has occurred…” so I can’t listen to them bu I do know i know them..still like to listen to them though 🙂


  2. Hi John – wonderful to hear these … all these years later – I used to love some of them … obviously Telstar is there … cheers and I hope the Doc went ok, and that you can have a peaceful weekend – Hilary


  3. Telstar will always be up with my favorites…the sound of that record would be strange today…Bert Kaempfert…haven’t heard that name in a while.


    1. “Telstar” is a perfect example of what we were talking about the other day, how an instrumental tells a story without words. You can feel the excitement of that time, the hope that it brought, the prospect of broadcasting internationally, the technological advances of the early days of the “race to the moon.” Which, sadly, hit a dead end…

      My guess is that’s a Farfisa organ or something similar they played on that song. A friend of mine had one and could make all kinds of noise with it.

      Maybe someone has a YouTube channel called “Where Are They Now” and has an episode about old Bert…

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      1. It expressed that perfectly.

        I just read where is was a clavioline…and I would think it was manipulated by Meek…the sound of it that is.

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