Song of the Day: Bob Hope, “Buttons & Bows”

Singer, dancer, actor, and comedian Bob Hope was born Leslie Townes Hope in London on this day in 1903. Hope might be best remembered for the 57 USO shows that he led between 1941 and 1991, but he starred in 54 feature films, including the 1948 comedy The Paleface with Jane Russell. He sang "Buttons & Bows" in that movie. A rather funny moment in the sitcom Frasier in one in which Frasier attempts to sing this song for a PBS pledge night and forgets the words.

8 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Bob Hope, “Buttons & Bows”

  1. Love that Frasier episode. Of course, I loved Frasier. I was just going to post about that. Have you seen that video of Bob dancing with Jimmy Cagney when they were in their 50’s on some convention table. Amazing. Interestingly, the cariciature they do of Frasier on another show looked so much like Bob Hope. And I realized they looked quite a lot alike, actually.


    1. The scene, which I think was from “The Seven Little Foys,” is on YouTube. I think Hope was in his late 40’s and Cagney was over 50 when they did that. Some people just never lose it.

      That Frasier episode was a classic. The series was a classic. Remember the one where his father wrote a song for Frank Sinatra?


  2. This movie is so funny and how can one not love this song. Hubby and I are watching the entire Frazier series(I got it for him last year for his birthday). That episode is hilarious especially when his dad and Daphne keep replaying it:).


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