The Memorial Day Week That Was

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Checkup went well on Friday. I got the second Pneumococcal Pneumonia shot, which made me sleep very well on Friday night. He’s recommending I get the new and improved shingles vaccine, which is stronger than the one I got. I’m likely to do that.

Things are getting back to normal (whatever that is) after a month of being too tired to write. I think it was the A to Z Challenge that did me in. I think I might have bitten off more than I could chew. Expect next year’s to be very simple…

So here’s the summary…

I came up with the idea that we should all choose songs from the Eurovision Song Contest, in honor of its 65th anniversary. My approach was to choose ten years and ten places at random and play those songs. It turned out well, introducing some people to music they woudn’t normally hear.

Questions were what we’re so proud of in the past year, whether we still go splashing through puddles, whether we feel free, and what life skills weren’t taught that we felt were important.

Featured the songs that finished 11th through 20th on the Billboard Year-End Hot 100 in 1963.

One of my favorite jokes from the late Irish comedian Dave Allen regarding leprechauns.

Haven’t done this in a few weeks, found songs with "room," a gem, and that used harmony, and presented them for your listening pleasure.

Christine posted a picture of an animal that I thought was either a dog or a cat (turns out it was a fennec fox; thank you, Sharon!). Anyway, it reminded me of our dearly departed Milton, who was a Devon Rex and was both the sweetest boy and a little stinker. So I wrote about him.

The object was to write about a TV series we’re watching lately that we "love," so I wrote about The Addams Family, which MeTV just started playing on weeknights.

I shared the top 5 instrumental songs from the 1960’s, according to the Top 100 website.

The prompt was "collect," which made me think of calling collect, so I wrote about that.

Freebie day tomorrow on Monday’s Music Moves Me, for which I have an idea. Tuesday we’ll do the #11-20 songs from 1964, and I’ll have a Battle of the Bands. We’ll do the Top 5 instrumentals from the ’70’s on Friday. And, I’ll see what the prompts are from all my prompt buddies.

11 thoughts on “The Memorial Day Week That Was

  1. Hi John – thanks for all of these and also for the update on how you are … well done for that jab and for thinking about getting the next one … so pleased to read this – cheers Hilary


  2. Glad your medical checkup went good!

    Off Topic… I saw you post yesterday on Hans site…are you going to do Hogans Heroes?


    1. I’ve pretty well decided to do it. The question is when to start. I’d like to start when MeTV rolls back to episode 1, season 1, but I might jump in there anytime. What do you think?

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      1. That sounds good John. I’ve had fun so far doing this with the Twilight Zone. It gives you ALOT of material so that is good.
        The cool thing about this for me is I don’t know as much about Hogan’s Heroes as some of the others…but I’ve loved what I’ve seen.


        1. It’s probably my favorite show. I’ve seen the full series about a dozen times. Looking ahead, it would appear MeTV will finish Season 5 on Friday and start the whole series on June 23, so I’d probably start then, with a few preliminary posts before then.

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          1. That sounds good John. I should have done more things about the Twilight Zone before I started…like a short bio on Rod Serling but I just started it… It will take me around a year doing 3 a week.

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  3. It has been a busy week-glad you got your shot and I should get the Shingles shot since I had the shingles a few years back and can still feel “the pain” on occasion. Great songs as always and loved your Eurovision choice.


    1. The experts used to say “get it when you’re 60” but they changed that to 50 because I guess a lot of people were getting shingles in their 50’s.

      The Eurovision theme worked out well. I’m pleased about that.


  4. Glad your check-up went well. I have had my first pneumonia shot. I did both the new shingles shots. Beats the heck out of getting shingles.

    You have been a busy blogger, as usual. I liked your SoCS. It reminded me of getting the fake calls.


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