Weekly Song Challenge, Week 22!

Mary has the prompts, I have the songs…

A TV Theme Song: Al Hirt, "The Green Hornet Theme"

A song used in a movie: Jim Carrey, "Cuban Pete" (from The Mask, 1994)

A song from a Broadway Musical: Technically, it’s off-Broadway… Jerry Orbach, "Try To Remember" (from The Fantasticks, 1960)

How’s that?

9 thoughts on “Weekly Song Challenge, Week 22!

  1. Cuban Pete was genius. I’m not a movie goer but I could see myself enjoying this movie if it’s all as good as this clip! I can remember The Fantasticks (a song that makes me sigh) and the Green Hornet (the TV series, not the serials). Wow, Al Hirt did some incredible playing.


  2. The Green Hornet sounds very similar to the Flight of the Bumblebee. That is a good scene and one of the early Carrey films I could take. I loved the Desi Arnaz version from I Love Lucy. That is an excellent choice-Jerry Orbach singing this wonderful song. He just has the right timbre and style. I wonder how many know Jerry Orbach from Law & Order without realizing he was a big musical star with a fantastic voice.


    1. In the old serials, they used “Flight Of The Bumblebee” as the Green Hornet theme, and Al Hirt adapted it for the trumpet. He was something. My dad said that Al was the only one who could have played that.

      I guess it didn’t matter that it was from an off-Broadway production. That’s just such a great song and Jerry Orbach did it perfectly. He was the voice of Lumiere in the animated “Beauty and the Beast” that Disney put out in the ’90’s and was perfect: he could do an impression of Maurice Chevalier and not make him sound like Pepe LePew…


  3. I absolutely love the Cuban Pete song. I think it’s the sole reason I have watched The Mask so many times.


  4. John,

    I never watched The Green Hornet TV series. I think that aired in the mid 60s and I was a bit too young to remember it nor do I recall seeing any reruns but we did see the movie from several years back. The Mask is a great, fun movie. Jim Carey was excellent in the role. There was some great music in that film. The scene where The Mask and Carmen Dezi danced to “Hey Pachuco” would’ve been my song pick. Yours is good, definitely worth featuring. Broadway musicals is out of my comfort zone. I don’t know many of them by name. Oh yeah, “West Side Story” was one, right? If that’s right then I would’ve gone with the song, “Maria”. I can’t believe that musical came to mind so quickly. I’m sitting this round of WSC out but I may chime in here and there while on my summer blogging schedule. Have a good week!


    1. The Green Hornet only ran for one season and part of a second. 1966 and most of 1967. Back in the ’30’s and ’40’s it ran as a serial at the movie theaters.

      I picked “Try to Remember” even though “The Fantasticks” ran off-Broadway. I really like the way Jerry Orbach did it.


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