Writers’ Workshop: Let’s Do ’em All!

Kat gave us five prompts, and with the sixth she suggested we do all of the other five. I guess we could do that any week….

  1. Tell us about something you did or participated in that a new friend might find hard to believe. I think people would find it hard to believe that I played the bagpipes and was in a competition band for several years. What would made it hard is the fact that all the pictures of me playing with the band have disappeared over the years. I bought my pipes from J. & R. Glen on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh when we were there celebrating a delayed honeymoon. I found a teacher back in Chicago, and when he felt I was ready, he gave me the name of the pipe major of a band close by. I played with them for several years until I was in line for a job that would require travel, at which point I put my pipes in the case and have only opened it once or twice since then. I’d like to say that I miss it, but I really don’t.

  2. Write a blog post inspired by the word: peace. I think of peace as what the Constitution calls "domestic tranquility," or peace at home. I believe that if people have peaceful home lives, they’ll bring that peace out with them into the world. A lot of people don’t have that. Some don’t even have much of a home life to speak of, let alone a peaceful one. I’m at a loss to come up with a solution for that. I wish I could. All I know is that I’ve been blessed with a peaceful home life…

  3. What six words would your spouse use to describe you? Intelligent, loving, responsible, technical, hardworking, funny. Either that or "that fat son of a bitch"…

  4. 90’s fashion is making a trendy comeback. What were you wearing in the 90’s? I’m really not one to follow fashion trends. I became much more casual during that period, going from suits to khakis and dress shirts, then to golf shirts (even though I don’t play golf). I spent a lot of time on my feet as a trainer, and one thing I learned was that comfortable shoes are really important.

  5. Write about something you think you might have been good at if only you had explored that talent more. I took two classes toward my MBA many years ago, and never continued. I didn’t have the money, and didn’t work at a company that offered tuition reimbursement. It was probably just as well, since I needed to reconsider my original major (Operations Management) and the dearth of opportunities in it. Had I started a few years later, I would have seen that Marketing or Finance (or both) might have offered greater opportunities, and as a result I might not have stayed in IT as long as I did. Not that IT had been bad for me, of course…

18 thoughts on “Writers’ Workshop: Let’s Do ’em All!

  1. Bagpipes, eh? The things one learns about their writer friends!

    And I doubt much if your lovely wife would ever call you “that fat son of a bitch” but it made me think of several other items my spouse calls me, all which shall remain unsaid.

    As far as Peace…I think so many have lost that ability to grasp quiet moments and reflect on what’s positive. Seems like people pause momentarily, then head through the next open door of combativeness.

    Well done, John!


  2. Here’s what I learned in this post: when you played the bagpipes there was no peace in your home, at which point your spouse could have described you as noisy even if you were sporting staid khaki pants, the ones that you’d still be wearing if you’d earned your MBA. 🤓


  3. BAGPIPES????? Nahhhhhh I cannot see you playing those, but maybe a guitar or even the drums, but the bagpipes??? Now, OMG I have to tell you with that synopsis you put together about what your wife would call you? I was drinking some cold water from a bottle & POOF!!! I splattered it all over the floor! Thank God I turned my head & my computer didn’t get it!!! OMG My friend you’re too funny! Well, just so you know here’s my new link & if you want to pass the word feel free. Now this is just for now until I find a reasonable program & my nephew wants to pay for it this year. What a sweetie! My birthday is on the 13th & he heard what I really wanted & my nephew & niece is chipping in! Woo Hoo! Super reasonable, hmmmm? Any ideas my friend! Have a great weekend! hugs
    https://wordpress.com/view/thenewxmasdolly.wordpress.com – That was my link from Wednesday… I’m sure you can figure it out, right? Thanks John and blessings to you & yours! HUGS


  4. Wow, I think bagpipes are so cool. We had one play for my grandpa’s funeral since he was always so proud of our Scottish heritage. He once yelled at a grandkid for knocking something over, “THIS IS A SCOTSMAN’S HOUSE!” and now whenever my kids are particularly rambunctious I yell that too. lol I wish they had recorded your band back in the day, I would love to hear it!


  5. I love what you wrote and pretty cool that you played the bagpipes as that is a difficult instrument. I think you expressed Peace well enough and love what your wife may say about you. Who likes 90s fashion? I can do without those short tops that always showed a woman’s midriff even in winter..a knitted sweater but ends after her boobs..never made sense to me. I think I would have been good in art history, art, travel guide but such is life.


    1. Seemed like the more you paid for a sweater, the less you got. I was happy to have been in my late 30’s and early 40’s during the 1990’s.


  6. Those questions are very intriguing! Your responses were great! (My private ((never spoken aloud of course) nick-name for hubby was “that fat son-of-a-$%#!). Huh. 😉


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