Of Yarn And Cats #socs

Mary knits and crochets, so there’s always yarn and other knitting paraphernalia (needles, crochet hooks, stitch markers, tape measures etc.) floating around in the living room. This was a problem when we had more than one cat, especially when we had Sherman.


Given half a chance, all of our cats would grab hold of Mary’s projects and drag them all over the living room, undoing a couple of hours’ work in the space of a few minutes. Sherman, however, was an artist. He would wrap it around table legs and make sure the entire living room was decorated with what used to be something Mary was working on.

Mary finally got smart and put her projects on the mantel. The first time or so, she was still coming down to yarn all over the floor. One day, she was working on a project and watched as Sherman got on a chair that we had placed in front of the fireplace (which we never use, anyway) and climbed onto the back of it, where he could reach the project she had left there, drag it down to the floor, and then begin to deconstruct it.

We moved the chair away from the mantel. Problem solved. Sherman then found a new hobby: fighting with the other cats…

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23 thoughts on “Of Yarn And Cats #socs

  1. Sherman was one handsome and clever cat. I feel for Mary, glad she figured out how to keep her projects away from him. Oh, my, goodness that Budweiser commercial, that’s something we wouldn’t see made today! 😉


  2. lol! Sorry Mary’s hard work was ruined but the antics of Sherman made me laugh. Especially his the new hobby of fighting with other cats …


  3. I adore cats, however, they can be stubborn. I ordered cable covers to keep our little diva from chewing them. I don’t understand the attraction and afraid she will get hurt!


    1. I got so tired of repairing speaker wires that I finally got rid of my component stereo system, for which I could kill myself… We tried wiping the wires with bitter apple, thinking that would stop them. It didn’t…

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