New Writing Project!

Not long ago, Max started a writing project where he would do synopses of all of the Twilight Zone episodes, which are excellent and if you don’t follow his blog, you really should. He inspired Hans, another excellent blogger who you should be reading, to do the same with episodes of The Andy Griffith Show, and his synopses are excellent as well (and he just started).

Well, they’ve inspired me to take one of my favorite TV series and write synopses of those episodes…

Hogan’s Heroes ran for six seasons, from 1965 to 1971, and was one of the shows axed in CBS’s "rural purge," where shows with a country theme (e.g. The Beverly Hillbillies, Green Acres, Petticoat Junction etc.) were taken off the schedule to make room for shows like All In The Family. While Hogan didn’t have a country theme, CBS wanted younger viewers, in the age group 25 to 54, and the viewers for Hogan were by this time in their 40’s and 50’s and likely veterans of World War II and Korea.

MeTV, one of the nostalgia TV networks in the US, runs two episodes of the show every weeknight at 10 PM Eastern Time. The network will run the last two episodes of Season 5 tomorrow night and start showing the Season 6 episodes (24) on Tuesday night. Once they finish those, they’ll start showing the series from the first episode, which I estimate will be June 24. That will be my target date to start the episode descriptions. Up until then, I’ll be posting background information about the show and the actors.

I’m looking forward to this exercise!

22 thoughts on “New Writing Project!

  1. Thanks for the shout out- and I am looking forward to reading/ viewing some Hogan’s Heroes- a show I’ve watched off and on since I was a little Hans… I don’t think I’ve ever watched them in order- but I will be now.


  2. OOoohhh I love this! I used to watch this all the time when I was a kid. Robert Clary is the only one of the main cast still alive and he was a survivor of the death camps. He was always one of my favourites as well as Schultz and Col. Klink. I remember seeing Werner on a talk show and he was so gentle. I remember reading that John Banner’s grave could not be found. This is due that one has to pay money each year for the grave marker. Due to limited land, if one does not pay, the plot goes to another family and that person is buried on top of the other…something like that. I had heard that fans of the actor got enough money to have his name placed back on his gravesite. My aunt in Europe paid for the plot for her husband, my Oma and the family the kids that died in the war. Now that my Aunt is gone, I wonder what will happen. Whenever I get back there i would like to know and see if I can afford the yearly fees.


    1. Klemperer, Banner, and Leon Askin all escaped Germany or Austria and came to the US, where all three served in the Army. I have a lot of respect for those guys.

      I hope you manage to pay for your family’s graves. Maybe you could send a letter?


    1. He’s a character. He had been a hero during WWI and was more than happy as the owner of the Schatzi Toy Company. Then the Nazis took over his factory and drafted him, and he doesn’t want to be there. He’s not stupid so much as unmotivated and lazy…


  3. Looking forward to this John! I don’t know as many episodes so this will be a learning experience.


      1. It will be John…you sure will look at them with a different eye…I now like some Twilight Zones more than I did before.

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      1. I have noticed. I am trying not to watch West World because of the fact it was a Yule Bremen film, which was original. I like things like Firefly and Buffy because they were new. However, the thing that I will miss the most is Supernatural. If you ever get the time to watch 15 seasons of that masterpiece— you will know it actually makes Quantum leap, look like a walk in the park.

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