Song of the Day: Bonnie Tyler, “It’s A Heartache”

Happy 70th birthday to Welsh chanteuse Bonnie Tyler. Bonnie’s 18th studio album, The Best Is Yet To Come, was released this past February. "It’s a Heartache" was her first international hit, reaching #3 in the US and #4 in the UK in 1977.

14 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Bonnie Tyler, “It’s A Heartache”

  1. One of my favorite songs ever! I love gravely voices. Seger, Rod Stewart, Sting, Bryan Adams, Janice Joplin. Love it. Yeah, Kim Carnes. Great stuff. This reminds me of when I lived in California in my youth. Four years there. This was popular. All my favorite singers have raspy voices.


    1. I’m partial to women singers with low-pitched voices, like Julie London and Karen Carpenter. That said, I had a crush on Janis Joplin (I was 14 when she died).


  2. She had such a gravelly voice just like Kim Carnes and you would not think she could sing but, boy, she belts it and one song I love


  3. Remember a few years ago with the eclipse- all the sudden her Total Eclipse Of The Heart- was being played a lot. She should have done a duet with Rod Stewart!


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