The Mid-June Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Hamm’s Beer, from the land of sky-blue waters!

Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts for Kip. We still have a long row ahead of us, so keep them coming.

I will likely start my series on Hogan’s Heroes this week with some preliminary posts on the series before I start writing about the episodes themselves. I’ll probably start that around the 24th, when MeTV’s running of the series starts anew.

So, let’s get started…

It was X-Mas Dolly’s (i.e. Marie) birthday, and she told us that she really liked Frankie Valli’s hit from 1967, "Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You." Rather than just choose some of his hits from over the years, I asked Spotify to find some songs that were similar to it, and it did a great job.

Melanie asked us about the worst commercial we’ve seen, something that takes a lot of time but is totally worth it, if I had ever smiled at a stranger and regretted it later, and our opinion on the nastiest-tasting food.

We played the "next ten" (i.e. #11 through #20) from the 1965 year-end Hot 100.

I revealed the winner of my latest Battle of the Bands, which was Kenny Ball’s interpretation of the Russian folk song "Moscow Nights." It was a close contest, with The Ventures and Lazy Swing also getting votes, so thaks to all who voted. I’m especially pleased with this one.

I ran a comment on "classic rock" radio stations who seem to run the same songs day in and day out. Really, they could expand their playlists a little…

I got to pick a song with a chess piece in the title, one with whistling in it, and a song with a beverage in the title. I think I picked a few good ones.

Christine’s prompt was a picture of a proboscis monkey, which made me think of Jimmy Durante, one of my favorite old performers. Kids especially liked him because he was funny-looking, with a face that only a mother could love, but he was one of the most-beloved performers of his time because, as I pointed out, he did everything from the heart.

I took a moment to note that it was my 4,500th post since starting in January 2012, then talked about ’60’s TV and how on some stations there was a final newscast before signoff.

I shared five examples of innstrumentals that incorporated the human voice as one of the instruments. I had several examples the week before, too.

I wrote about how I got my driver’s license at 28 and how I haven’t driven since my stroke.

We’ll have another Battle of the Bands this Tuesday, and encourage you to cast a vote in it. Later in the week, I’ll start my posts about Hogan’s Heroes, so be sure and look for that. It’s a freebie day on Monday’s Music Moves Me, and I have an idea what I’ll write about. On Tuesday, we’ll cover the year-end Hot 100 for 1966, and I’m searching for something pithy to share on Wednesday. Most of the rest of the week is prompted by others, so I’ll share my unique perspective on the prompts. And yes, there’ll be commercials.

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