Weekly Song Challenge, Week 24

Here we go again with Mary B’s Weekly Song Challenge! She wants ’em, I got ’em (songs, that is).

A Song with Brother or Sister in the title: Kenny Rogers & The First Edition, "Tell It All, Brother"

A Song with a Natural Disaster in the title: Fran DeLima, "The Tsunami Song" (novelty song based on "We Didn’t Start The Fire")

A Song written or produced by Mutt Lange: Britney Spears, "Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know" (written by Lange, Shania Twain, and Keith Scott, produced by Lange)

Them’s the tunes, and I am outta here…

9 thoughts on “Weekly Song Challenge, Week 24

  1. John,

    I’m sitting out this week again. Your song picks are all new-to-me. The Tsunami parody was a lot of fun. Storm provisions don’t need to be return, though. It’s best to stay stocked up so you aren’t one to have fight the crowds. Britney Spears while super popular back in the day, I never got into her voice completely. Had I played this week then I might have gone with “Daniel” Elton John, “End of the World” Skeeter Davis, and “Loverboy” Billy Ocean. Have a good weekend, my friend!


  2. That Tsunami song made me laugh..I love it. Who knew Kenny before silver hair but wow to the get-up that Dino is sporting between that blue blazer, red shirt and blue plaid pants-it screams bad couture. I do love that he has the cig in his hand which you couldn’t do today. Britney….not my kind of song but I bet I would like it better if Shania sang it.


    1. I was stuck on that prompt about natural disasters, so I started thinking about different natural disasters and putting them in the YouTube search engine, and I hit on tsunami. It was a new one on me…


  3. Okay, Dean Martin says Ladies & Gentleman & it stopped :( . Wow, he was so very young, and they really had a different sound too, but I like him all by himself to say the least. I have never heard the Tsunami song. It’s kinda funny. Now Brittany hmmmm yes, kind of sultry to say the least. I would rate that XX – will leave the triple X for the guys. She is definitely a beautiful girl, and back then she knew it, and now she still knows it, but her voice was also beautiful. She had a lot going in her life and she still does poor thing. Her parents really kind of messed her life up to say the least. It’s always “THE MONEY” I think. Well, anyway. Great job my friend. Have a wonderful day. Thanks for the laugh too!


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