Writer’s Workshop: Why Worry?

You may or may not have heard that my brother’s in the hospital. Without going into why, it was serious and he’s got a long road ahead of him. Am I concerned? Absolutely. Am I worried? Not really.

Worrying about things doesn’t change them. It’s a waste of energy. Working myself up into a frenzy about something about which I can do nothing isn’t going to help him. He’s in my thoughts and prayers, and I’ve put the whole matter in God’s hands. When he feels up to talking on the phone, I’ll call him. I’ll send him a goofy "get well" card. I’ll do what I can to help him keep his spirits up. He did the same for me when I was recovering from my stroke.

I used to worry about tests I hadn’t studied for or presentations I hadn’t prepared for. Studying or preparing would have taken half the time and would have been a more productive thing to do. I never worried my way into a better grade. Doesn’t mean I didn’t try…

I saw this years ago…

In life, you can either be healthy or you can be sick.

If you’re healthy, no problem.

If you’re sick, you will either get well or you’ll die.

If you get well, no problem.

If you die, you’ll either go to heaven or go to hell.

If you go to heaven, no problem.

If you go to hell, you’ll be so busy saying hello to all your friends that you won’t have time to worry…

Not sure about the theology of all that, but you get the idea…

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  1. I’m sure your brother wouldn’t want you worrying about him anyway! I never considered the difference between worry vs. concern, but you’re right…concern feels a lot less pointless than worry. I hope your brother is well enough to leave the hospital soon!


  2. My kind of twisted sarcasm…loved it, John! Life’s road map for each of us points exactly to where we’ll all end up, detours and worrying aside.

    Will keep positive thoughts for your brother!


  3. I love reading that why worry part. I would love to master that but I am a worrier. I just always need to recognize it and find a way to overcome it. I usually have to talk it out. It sounds like your brother will be ok but now has a long journey ahead. You know this better than anyone so, I hope you can speak to him soon because you know the process.

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    1. My brothers were out to see him, and things seem to be coming back to normal, as far as it goes. He’ll need therapy for certain, but as his wife said, he’s tough, and even more bull-headed than I am. That’s a good attitude to have.

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  4. Hi John – with thoughts but Prior says it well, as too the others … your post is so right … just difficult for many – but you’ve the right approach. As long as he’s comfortable … and I hope he improves, slowly, but surely maybe – Hilary


  5. nice humor with that saying at the end

    and you are so right about worrying –
    and just said another prayer for your brother Kip


  6. I hope he does ok, John. I know you are totally right. I always borrow trouble, almost superstitiously, as if I am not worried enough, the worst will certainly come true. Probably from those times I didn’t see disaster looming and was blindsided. I wasn’t worried about having a handicapped child at all. And when my mother died. Didn’t see that coming. Most of the time when I worry, nothing happens and I get an ulcer. But I still hope it all works out well for you and him.


  7. Thanks for posting John. Kip is on all of our thoughts and prayers. We are all worried, but as you said worrying won’t make him better. I heard a quote one that I love, especially helpful when worrying keeps you awake at night. Instead of worrying put all your worries in God’s hands, He’s awake all night anyway!


  8. i am right! Thank God glory in Heaven! Someone knows what their talking about! I like silverster the cat by the way, loony toons. use to watch if every Saturday morning when I was a kids for something to dream about. im currently ion a state of extreme depression. Tony died that i knew all my life. im feeling so down and out and hurt. so many bad things happened had derailed my life and am not sure how to form my manuscript anymore, yet am typing it. Got a good start on the first chapter with a SEARS ROEBUCK & COMPANY typewriter a man gave me next door because i stated i didnt want anymore intellectual property theft stolen from me on line, told grants.gov the same thing and they mailed me a pa=per grant form to build the energy invention i titled forever inertia. my hydroelectric dam i don’t want to release at all, I’m too scarred of my inventions being stolen from me. though i more scared of my own health and am trying to live and be happy and learn yet. Im trying to figure out how to make a go fund me account to get help for repair of my home, we had a earthquake long ago in mount carmel and the epicenter waves traversed all the way up north and fractured my basement and the garage slab. Do you know where I’m sup=pose to start a go fund me page? Do you know how to? Also, what is traffic or what does that really mean with internet stuff? Im not sure. Patrick your friend that looks up to all the authors all the time


    1. “Traffic” is how many people come by your blog. As for how to start a GoFundMe, I’ve never done it, but if you go to their page they’ll have all the info over there. Good luck!

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