Song of the Day: Guy Lombardo, “Third Man Theme”

Canadian violinist and bandleader Guy Lombardo was born on this day in 1902. His rendition of "Auld Lang Syne" is a New Year’s Eve tradition and is still played at midnight. "The Third Man Theme" was written by Austrian zither player Anton Karas, whose rendition of the song is the more successful, but Lombardo’s 1950 version proved almost as popular.

8 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Guy Lombardo, “Third Man Theme”

  1. Blast from the past, Johnny. When the Connelly kids would travel by car we amused ourselves by putting tissue over a comb and humming a tune. The object was for others to guess the song. Jill hummed “The Third Man Theme” over and over on the comb and Jinx and I could not guess it for the life of us. Hysterical laughter. Jill was not amused. For some time after, we would hum that song and laugh. To this day I can hear it in my head and sense Jill’s frustration. Haven’t thought of that memory until I saw your post. Thanks for the 70 year (?) old memory.👵🏻❤️


      1. A memory and a smile always help. As far as Kip is concerned, we are always there for him. I only wish we lived closer to you and could have been there for you when you had a stroke. xoxo


  2. Hi John – gosh this is evocative … a delightful pick for today – I’m loving it … thank you – all the best for the weekend – Hilary


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