Song Lyric Sunday: Rod Hart, “C. B. Savage”

I’m pretty sure that the song I chose for today’s SLS was not what either Melanie or Jim had in mind when they decided on the prompts "Brutal, Cruel, Frenzy, Savage, Violent." Which is why, as most of you who know me by now figured, I chose today’s song.

Did you realize that there are only three songs in the history of songs that use "savage" in the title? The other two are "Savage" by Megan Thee Stallion and BeyoncΓ© (a rather nasty piece of work) and "Savage Love" by Jason Derulo and Jawsh 685. "C. B. Savage" came out in 1976, when the C. B. (citizen’s band radio) craze was sweeping the nation, having been started by C. W. McCall’s song "Convoy" in 1975 (which inspired the 1978 movie of the same name).

Rather than giving you a long and increasingly boring lecture about why truckers were using CB radios and riding in convoys (hint: to break the law), let’s move on to today’s song. It uses a lot of trucker C. B. slang, a list of which you can see here. It’s also not what we’d call politically correct, but then political correctness hadn’t been invented yet. The song reached #23 on the US country chart, #10 on the Canadian country chart, and #67 on the Hot 100.

We was huntin’ bear in our rockin’ chair out on I-40
Dodgin’ bumps in pick-up trucks in west New Mexico
It was a cloudy day and me and ole Jay just about bored to tears
But we come awake when a C.B. breaker come a ringin’ loud and clear

We heard this voice that we ain’t never heard before sayin’
(Break 19, I’m C.B Savage, Hi all you 18 wheelers
Anyone seen any smokey bears,
How about some bear smokeys, aha C.B. Savage here come-on)

Well, I looked at Jay, and I said Hey, did you hear what I just heard
He nodded his head, and his face got red, we never said a word
We both reached for the mike, a thinkin’ we might, just answer that 19 call
When that C.B. device came back alive, just a lispin’ wall to wall

And that unusual voice came on again sayin’
(Break 19 again, this is your one and only C.B. Savage
Mercy sakes good buddy, aha, could I please have your 20
I’d settle for a big 10-4, mercy, mercy, how ’bout a mile ha post
Listen, you can’t keep your handle down forever you know
Speak to me pedal pumpers, how about it)

Well the box went dead and we looked straight ahead and didn’t say a word at all
We had 4 in the chair, and the door back there, nobody’d answer that call
A while went by, and Jay and I, we started breathin’ again
We figured this stranger was plumb out of range, when all at once he come back in

It was that same odd voice sayin’
(Breakers, Breakers, any takers, Hi Hi, it’s me again
I’m in your chair and I love it there
Say you truckers really know how to take a person for a ride
Speak to me you Diesel Deamon, I’d love to get to know your handle aha
C.B. Savage here, come-on, come-on)

Well I grabbed the mike, and I held it tight, and my hand began to sweat
I looked at Jay, and he was grinnin’ away, like a big ole bird fed cat
So I put down the talker, and turned up the squaker, and got a good grip on the wheel
I decided the trucker that answered this nut sure a heck wasn’t gonna be me

‘Bout that time that wierd voice came back on again sayin’
(You Hoo, Breakeroo, Hi Hi you Jim Dandy Jimmy John review
Do I ever have a surprise for you
If you listen real close, you’ll find my voice is changin’
And if you’ll start checkin’ your rear views, you’ll find you got company
Fine plain white smokies dressin’ up for a ticket written party
Y’all was so busy copyin’ my put on, you didn’t notice your little convoy was being infiltrated
You can start shuttin’ ’em down any time now
This is your C.B. Savage, the smokies friend, wall to wall and tree top tall
That is all, bye bye)

The lyrics this week are from That’s Song Lyric Sunday and Song of the Day for June 20, 2021.

15 thoughts on “Song Lyric Sunday: Rod Hart, “C. B. Savage”

  1. HAHAHHAHAHHA!!! Oh C.W. McCall must be rolling over wherever he is! That was so CUTE! And very very funny! Thanks John for a one hit wonder (?) that I’d never heard of before.

    On a tenuously related note, I went with my hubby a few times on long distance road trips in his rig. The stuff I heard over the CB was so varied and some of it so pornographic or strange, that I don’t know how a trucker could ever get bored listening to that thing. ‘Course there’s ‘advertising’ on those things too…usually a house of ill repute and some enterprising madam getting her girls a little work… Interesting indeed!


      1. Just a thing … not good or bad … there were so many songs in the 70s like this one … not sure if parody is the right word but we laughed, maybe we shouldn’t have depending on who you ask today


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