Share Your World For June 21, 2021

Melanie has questions and I have answers…

What’s one question you wish more people asked you? "Do you care?" I think people are afraid I’ll be honest.

Do you like eggs? What’s your favorite way to have them served? Over easy, hard-boiled, scrambled, in a breakfast casserole.

Anyone remember Cool Hand Luke?

Thoughts on scary movies? This picture says it all…


Do you believe in Karma? I worked with a guy whose wife’s name was Karma, and she seemed fairly trustworthy… seriously, I do. I just wish I saw it in action more often…

GRATITUDE: First, Kip is doing much better, relatively speaking. Thanks for your continued thoughts and prayers. Second, the blog Weird and Wonderful named The Sound of One Hand Typing one of their "10 Blogs To Follow," for which I’m grateful. Give them a follow!

22 thoughts on “Share Your World For June 21, 2021

  1. Thanks, John for Sharing Your World and your wonderful memes! So funny. Morticia (aka Anjelica Houston) is so elegant. Your ‘question’ within a question was great. It is a perfect thing to ask, especially if someone is going to dribble some bit of non-relevant nor interesting ‘news’ at a person. I know I’d be honest about that! I hope Paul peeled that egg before he stuck it in his mouth, I’ve seen “Cool Hand Luke”, I just don’t remember the egg scene. Have a great week John, and I’m so pleased to hear your brother is doing much better. phew hmmm?


    1. Kip has a way to go, but I’m happy for the progress he’s made so far.

      I was in Dallas a number of years ago, and one of their local stations was showing “Cool Hand Luke,” and I got it in my mind to watch it, having never seen it but having read the parody “Blue-Eyed Kook” in MAD Magazine years before. George Kennedy was Luke’s friend in the movie, and he was the one peeling the eggs and stuffing them in Luke’s mouth. In the MAD version, they forgot to peel the eggs…

      I’ve been watching The Addams Family recently, and while Carolyn Jones is always who I think of when I think Morticia, Anjelica Huston is probably a closer fit to Charles Addams’s cartoon “Morticia.”


  2. I love eggs any time of the day! I am glad to hear Kip is doing better. Scary movies are not for me and karma, well, it depends. 😬


  3. Yay for the good news on Kip! Your breakfast casserole sounds delicious! I agree – Do you care? is a tough one for people to answer, tested especially this past 18 months. The meaning of it has become borderline racist…if I dare say so!?


  4. Karma seems the natural order. I love eggs many ways. Hard boiled, shirred, omelets, scrambled, over easy. Eggs Benedict. And more. Just don’t like poached, I guess. MM. Deviled are good, too. Glad Kip is doing better.


  5. That is so nice that you got the recognition and I will check out the blog. I rarely eat eggs because I often feel nauseous after eating them. Sometimes even smelling them makes me feel ill but when I have the crave I like it over-easy. “Tell me more about movies and movie stars?” That sounds a bit trifle but most of my friends don’t ask and my hubby flat out told me he is not interested. I do believe in Karma or what goes around, comes around. Now, some very nice people will say, “What the hell did I do then, to deserve this?” This is not really the point because people who are just truly nasty finally seem to get their just desserts…. it may take years but you see it. I have anyway. As for scary movies….They scare the pants off me most of the time and I end up having nightmares. There are the stupid kind(slasher flicks) but there are some that are quite good, like The Shining which I can finally watch all the way through.


  6. Good news about Kip. I think Karma has been slaking off a bit lately. I’m ready to see her open a can of…well, let’s just say, do her stuff.


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