Mine’s On The Corner Of My Eye #1LinerWeds

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Mom got tired of taking me to the hospital to get stitches, so the next time I needed them she pushed the two parts together and stuck a Band-Aid over the area. Mom and Dad were always running me to the emergency room for something. Dad told Mom on one trip, "We’d better have another one quick, Bunny. This one’s not going to last."

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  1. I was more a bookworm and tv watcher..big surprise. I was scared of heights so no tree climbing plus I had no strength(due to my condition but who knew back then). I did jump from The Scarmbler” while it was still in motion but almost done. I was trying to be like my friend who jumped before me. Talk about being a lemming! Anyway, I got bumped by the ride and scraped up my knee pretty bad. The so-called nurse put tape on the open wound. When I got hom and showed my mom, she was so caring, she did her all to take off that bandage without it hurting me but it didn’t work and some skin went with it. She hugged me and put the German cream on(I miss that stuff!! It is such a great cream) and placed gauze on it. I don’t think I have a scar …maybe a small one. Now…I have to laugh at your mom and your parents. Anything for dad trying to get some. Sorry, I know they are your parents.

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