Weekly Song Challenge #25

Happy birthday, Mary! Here are this week’s choices…

A Song with Summer in the title: The Jamies, "Summertime Summertime"

A Song that Dave Grohl played on: I’m sorry, who? runs to Wikipedia Oh, a member of the Foo Fighters, like Smokey Stover! Second single from their latest album, Medicine At Midnight, "No Son Of Mine."

A Song with Mary in the title: The Monkees, "Mary Mary."

Them’s the songs, and I am outta here…

4 thoughts on “Weekly Song Challenge #25

  1. Thanks for joining in today! I’m still warming up to Medicine at Midnight album. But am curious to hear their newest album coming out ‘Hail Satin’ under the band name ‘DeeGees’. It’s all BeeGees covers.. Should be interesting.


  2. I love the first song which is quite perky. Hated the second song…not my cuppa tea and I am with you..Dave who?? Love The Monkees who had some great hits in their heyday. I do love their sitcom.


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