Writers Workshop: Next?

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The battery on my phone is slowly dying. When something like that happens, I send it to a company in Kansas for service. Yes, I could bring it somewhere local, but that would mean Mary would have to bring it somewhere local, and she prefers that I find another way to handle it. I’ve packed it away in the box, but FedEx doesn’t pick up until tomorrow, because I chose ground rather than express service. At this rate, I think it’ll be next Thursday before I see it again. No problem: I spend too much time scrolling through it. Now I’ll have to find something else to do. Which isn’t a bad thing, really. I do have my iPod that has a lot of the same capabilities, so if I get antsy, I can always use that.

Do you ever stop and ask yourself, "what’s next?" I’m not talking about "here’s a list of stuff I have to do, I finished one, what do I do next?" You might think of it as your "bucket list," which used to mean "stuff I want to do before I kick the bucket, i.e. drop dead" but now seems to mean the things you want to finish by a certain date. Which, I suppose, could be a bucket list if that "certain date" is the day you die. I’m thinking more in terms of "after ____________, I want to do ____________." Maybe "after I save $20,000, I want to get married." Or maybe "after I finish school, I want to move to South Dakota." Or "when I turn 50, I want to retire." In other words, the next step. Ever wonder what it is?

If I had it to do over again, I’d give that more thought.

5 thoughts on “Writers Workshop: Next?

  1. I think I dread whatever’s next because I enjoy what’s happening now so much. I know it’s normal for our routines, hobbies, interests, and careers to shift and change over time. I just hope I always enjoy the course it takes.


    1. Part of it is being prepared, and that was always my downfall. I should have kept a list of all the things I thought about doing over the years…


  2. I ask myself “what’s next?” but it’s usually said with a snarl because things are going wrong. I don’t know that I ask myself that question as a way of looking forward positively. Probably should.


  3. So true! I have pretty much wasted all of my adult life so far and recently, my husband reminded me that I might live for another forty years (I’ll be 35 on Sunday). That made me think about what I want to accomplish and give it some more concrete timeframe than “someday”.


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