Song Lyric Sunday: The McGuire Sisters, “Picnic”

Paula provided this week’s prompt to Jim: "Breakfast, Brunch, Dinner, Lunch, Snack, Supper." I gave it some thought, and realized that almost every meal can be eaten al fresco, also known as "picnic style." Thus, today’s song, "Picnic," from the 1955 movie of the same name that starred Wiliam Holden and Kim Novak. The song was written by George Duning with lyrics by Steve Allen, and the version I’ll use is the one by The McGuire Sisters from 1956. There’s a Chicago connection at work here: Kim Novak is from Chicago, Steve Allen lived in Chicago when he was a kid, and the youngest McGuire, Phyllis, was a longtime companion of Sam "Moonie" Giancana of the Chicago Mob.

The lyrics are from

On a picnic morning without a warning
I looked at you and somehow I knew

On a day for singing
My heart went winging
A picnic grove was our rendezvous

You and I in the sunshine
We strolled the fields and farms
At the last light of evening
I held you in my arms

Now when days grow stormy
And lonely for me
I just recall picnic time and you

Now when days grow stormy
And lonely for me
I just recall picnic time and you

The McGuire Sisters’ version reached #13 in the US.

In the movie Picnic, this was played with the song "Moonglow" in the scene where Ms. Novak and Holden dance. Morris Stoloff, who conducted the Columbia Pictures Orchestra for the movie, had a #1 hit in 1956 with the combined song.

And that’s Song Lyric Sunday and Song of the Day for June 27, 2021.

15 thoughts on “Song Lyric Sunday: The McGuire Sisters, “Picnic”

  1. Wonderful singing! The sisters I know the best are the Andrew Sisters…but I have heard of the McGuire Sisters…thanks John.


      1. That would be a good idea….I’ve thought about “brothers in rock” ….more about them arguing…The Kinks, Allmans, Oasis, and etc…

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  2. Wow, one of the sisters was with a mobster? That is a surprise. I do love this song but of the old Percy Faith style. I swear I am not 120 yrs old :).


    1. Percy was a good orchestra leader and was a very prolific recording artist, and I’ve always kind of liked “beautiful music” because it reminds me of Mom.


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