The Last Week That Was Of June 2021

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Drewry’s. More flavor, less filling, more fun!

For those of you who are sticklers for this sort of thing, we’re now a week into summer. I know those of you in the Pacific Northwest are having weather more like you’d expect in this part of the country, although it sounds like you have low humidity, so it isn’t as uncomfortable as it is here, a "dry heat," if you will. Kind of like an oven.

Kip is doing much better, and we could hear something about his rehab soon. Thanks again for your continued prayers and thoughts.

Here’s the summary…

Not realizing that Marie had said she wanted a playlist of ’80’s or ’90’s music, I built two playlists, one for ’80’s and one for ’90’s. It was fun…

Melanie wanted to know what question we wanted more people to ask, if we liked eggs and, if so, how, what we thought of scary movies, and whether we believed in Karma.

Numbers 11 thru 20 on the 1967 year-end Hot 100 were shared.

Illinois Jacquet nosed out Bud Shank with his version of "Harlem Nocturne."

My one-liner was about childhood injuries and how now we can look back on them and laugh.

It was Mary’s birthday, and she wanted a song with "summer" in the title, a song that Dave Grohl (whoever he is) played on, and a song with "Mary" in the title.

The prompt was a picture of a cat, which got me talking about my 4-legged friends and how everyone should adopt a cat from their local Humane Society or a cat rescue, preferably an older one that’s been without a forever home for a long time.

Taking the prompt "next," I wrote about my phone, which needs a new battery and won’t be back until this Thursday (which was next Thursday last Thursday) and about thinking what your next move ought to be.

I shared five instrumentals that featured drummers.

I posted two pieces yesterday: one was a review of the pilot episode, "The Informer." The second was some background on the primary Germans, Klink, Schultz, Burkhalter, and Klink’s two secretaries, Hilda and Helga. I’m planning on posting Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, but you never know…

The prompt "up/down" reminded me of the book Up The Down Staircase, and I told the story about reading it when I was 11. I also remembered the song "Ups And Downs" by Paul Revere & The Raiders.

Freebie day tomorrow and I have to decide what to do. Tuesday will be the #11-20 songs from 1968. I’ll have another Battle of the Bands on Thursday, because it’s July 1, and will have a couple more entries into the Hogan’s Heroes episodes series. That’ll likely be around for a while: there are 168 episodes altogether, although there are a couple of two-episode stories that I’ll combine. There are all the prompts that I reply to, of course, and a few old beer commercials along the way.

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