Hogan’s Heroes: Season 1, Episode 2, “Hold That Tiger”

Part of the charm of Col. Hogan is that he can think on his feet and improvise when needed. He certainly needed to in this episode.

Klink announces that the Germans have developed a new tank, the Tiger, and Hogan decides to steal one, take it apart, create blueprints for the Underground, and return it. Newkirk, in a Gestapo officer’s uniform, goes to a nearby Panzer brigade and tells them that a tank is needed at Stalag 13 to put down a rebellion by the prisoners. When Newkirk arrives with the tank, LeBeau escapes to meet the Underground agent, code named Tiger, the idea being that they’ll exchange clothes and the guards will catch who they think is LeBeau and bring him back.

The problem is, Tiger is a rather attractive woman. LeBeau brings her in through the tunnel, saying it was an emergency. Hogan is furious, but makes the best of it.

The POW’s reassemble the tank in the rec hall, which Klink has locked up, and asks Hogan if he knows where the tank is, Meanwhile, General Hostadter of the 3rd Panzer Brigade calls and demands his tank back. The blueprints are sewn into Tiger’s clothes

The POW’s fall out for roll call, with Tiger in disguise in Newkirk’s place, and here’s what happens…


  • Bob Crane as Col. Hogan
  • Werner Klemperer as Col. Klink
  • John Banner as Sgt.Schultz
  • Robert Clary as LeBeau
  • Richard Dawson as Newkirk
  • Ivan Dixon as Kinch
  • Larry Hovis as Carter
  • Arlene Martel as Tiger
  • Rico Cattani as Gen. Hofstadter
  • Jon Cedar as Langenscheidt

On the whole, a good episode.

12 thoughts on “Hogan’s Heroes: Season 1, Episode 2, “Hold That Tiger”

  1. What a fun show! I just love Werner with his monocle. Maybe he was espousing The great Erich Von Stroheim a bit since Stroheim was the man you loved to hate back in the teens and twenties. Of course all the ladies fell for Hogan and Bob Crane must have loved that since he would now have treatment for sex addiction.


  2. Great review John! You know who reminds me a little of Hogan? Hawkeye off of Mash. Hogan is not as silly and is in charge but his quick wit is great…that is the part that I think Mash took a little bit. I knew it was a good show because so many people liked it but I never knew the writing was this good!


      1. All of it is fast paced and quality. I did NOT expect it this good at first anyway. I felt the same way Hans did at first. The characters were there ready.

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  3. I think unlike some series- Hogan’s Heroes hit the ground running. I have watched the first four episodes to far and the show has started out- very strong. Although I am sure over the past 50 years i’ve most likely seen all the episodes at one time or another- this is my first time starting at the beginning and working forward- not that the show has to be watched that way- but I do note the strong start.


    1. That’s what’s hard about writing about the episodes: they were so well written right from the start I feel like I have to overexplain them, because there’s so much funny stuff that I don’t want to miss. I had written an entire treatment (almost 2000 words) of this episode alone, then realized no one would read it at that length. I guess I just have to hit the main points and hope for the best…

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      1. You are doing a good job at it. keep up the good work… i like how the characters seem fully developed from the get-go- I find that lacking a bit with Andy Griffith- especially the Andy Taylor character–and some of the other season one inconsistencies. ….. also Hogan reminds me of another character as far as his womanizing- I was thinking James Tiberius Kirk…


        1. Thanks! I think what happened was that Andy tried to carry the show humor-wise, and he just wasn’t as funny as Barney, Floyd, Opie or Gomer. When he figured out that they were the funny ones, he backed off and played straight man, which worked great until Don Knotts left, Howard McNear got ill, Gomer spun off into his own show (and Goober was nowhere near as funny), and Opie grew up. They tried adding Howard and Emmet, and they just weren’t as funny.

          I’ve never been a Star Trek fan, so I’ll have to take your word for it… 😉

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          1. they did do the change in the andy character which I have to give them a lot of credit for.


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