Top Ten Tuesday: 1968, The Next Ten

We’re up to 1968 on out tour through the next ten (i.e. #11-20) on each year’s year-end Hot 100. The Top Ten always get all the attention…

#20 – Sly & The Family Stone, "Dance To The Music": Released in November 1967, this peaked at #8 on the Hot 100 and was the first to popularize "psychedelic soul."

#19 – The Grass Roots, "Midnight Confessions": Never released on any of the band’s studio albums, it nevertheless reached #5 on the Hot 100.

#18 – Hugh Masakela, "Grazing In The Grass": South African trumpeter Hugh Masakela had a #1 hit with this instrumental version, while the Friends of Distinction had a vocal version that reached #6 the following year. Hugh’s was a little more laid-back…

#17 – The Fifth Dimension, "Stoned Soul Picnic": Laura Nyro is to The Fifth Dimension what Bacharach and David are to Dionne Warwick: money in the bank. It reached #3 on the Hot 100, #2 on the R&B chart, and reached Platinum status.

#16 – The Box Tops, "Cry Like A Baby": Kept out of the top spot by Bobby Goldsboro’s "Honey," the blue-eyed soul group out of Memphis reached #2 and achieved Gold status.

#15 – Gary Puckett & The Union Gap, "Young Girl": This was also stuck at #2, in this case behind Otis Redding’s "Dock of the Bay," but it also achieved Gold status.

#14 – The Doors, "Hello, I Love You": From their 1968 album Waiting For The Sun, it reached #1. While The Doors are credited as the songwriters, there are multiple people who dispute it.

#13 – Tommy James & The Shondells, "Mony Mony": Was inspired by the Mutual of New York (MONY) sign across from their New York Hotel. It reached #3 in the US and #1 in the UK.

#12 – O. C. Smith, "Little Green Apples": Some smooth soul from O. C., on a song tat both Roger Miller and Patti Page covered in ’68. O. C. had the highest chart position at #2. Bobby Russell, the author, received two Grammy Awards for this in 1969, for Song of the Year and Best Country Song.

#11 – Jeannie C. Riley, "Harper Valley P. T. A.": Tom T. Hall wrote this song about a Southern mama exposing what she called a "Peyton Place" of indiscretions among the members of the Harper Valley P. T. A. It went to #1 on the Hot 100, the Country chart, and in Canada and Australia. And it was her only Top 40 hit…

Next week, 1969!

15 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: 1968, The Next Ten

  1. A favorite song of mine… one for my baby & one more for the road! Lena Horne is a great singer! You pick the greatest tunes my friend, but it’s time for me to hit the hay! Talk at ya later… Man, I stayed up too late again! Ughhh I really have to get to bed earlier. Bummer….. hugsssssssssss


    1. I think a band calling itself the Grass Roots with maybe one or two of the original guys is still out there, probably playing a ’70’s cruies or something…

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  2. I am so enjoying these trips down memory lane even though I was too young when they initially came out. I am always surprised at the level of musicianship back then compared to today. My brother gets upset by this because he says there are many out there today that are just as great and I believe him but they don’t get the same play as the people today.


  3. Used to sing “Midnight Confession” alone in my bedroom thinking about my 7th grade crush. Of course he was one of the popular guys and I was not a popular girl. Catholic school kind of kept us apart a bit too, although we were on safety patrol and met as we were putting our special belts away. Thanks for that memory, John!


      1. No, we shared the same classroom but at recess the boys were on one level and the girls on another. As we got older, 7th and 8th grade, we could be Safety patrol that would watch the younger kids at recess.


  4. These are some of my favorites! Sly & The Family Stone made some good tunes and Harper Valley P.T.A. was a unique and fun song until they played it over and over again.


  5. Love a lot of these songs, Gary Puckket and the Union Gap! The Box Tops! The Doors! Jeannie C. Riley! Tommy James and the Shondells! Sly and the Family Stone! Brilliant play list, the others are new to me !


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