Simply 6 Minutes: Doggies!

We talked about cats last week, and this week our prompt is a picture of some cute puppies.

Even though I’m more of a cat person, I like dogs. They’re a lot of work: they have to be walked several times a day, I would have to put up a fence that the dog couldn’t jump over, and I’d have to train it not to bite strangers. Aside from that, the cost of the food and veterinary care is comparable to that of cats.

I had a bad experience with a dog we had when I was in high school, who I talked about a couple of years ago. He was a rescue dog and had a few psychological problems, like being possessed by the devil. Mom’s other dogs were all right, though. Actually, Fred, a Schnauzer, was my brother Pat’s dog, but Wizard, who we called Whiz because that’s what he did on the carpet, was Mom’s. When she was in the hospital and it was apparent she wouldn’t be coming home, two of my aunts said they’d take him. They live about two houses apart, and he split his time between them.

When I was back in grade school, we moved in to an apartment that was owned by an older couple who had an old Cocker Spaniel who didn’t like us. Didn’t attack or anything, but just acted grumpy and barked a lot. When she (the dog, not the landlady) died, they replaced her with a toy poodle named Buttons. The first Sunday they left the dog alone (he was a night watchman, she was a waitress, and they both worked Sunday nights), he howled all night. Dad came up with a solution: leave the dog with us. He was a nice little guy (the dog, not Dad, though Dad was a nice big guy) and we liked having him around. (Dad wasn’t that big, about 5’9" and 150 lb, but he was bigger than the dog.)

I could go on, but you get the idea.

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6 thoughts on “Simply 6 Minutes: Doggies!

  1. Poor Whiz. I love the name and the origin of it. I love dogs and am more of a dog person but I love cats too. I have had issues with some dogs that didn’t take to me and I felt so crestfallen. Dogs can cost a pretty penny that’s for sure. Our Wallace, aka, freak boy, aka sausage aka lumpy. We just spent another nice amount taking off this red bulbous growth off his leg and it is cancerous. He eats and poops and is normal (for him ) otherwise so that’s all that counts.


  2. All the side comments are making me laugh!!!! I have my dog and the only reason he is allowed in the condo is because he is my service dog. He is over 25 pounds. He is so gentle to everyone, people and dogs but there are some nasty dogs out there that bite at him and I often wonder why they are allowed!!!! Thanks for participating.


  3. Was Whiz the dog who unexpectedly appeared, then growled, when Uncle Tim closed the bathroom door? Whiz was small but fierce.😳


    1. You know, I don’t think I ever heard that story. Wouldn’t surprise me. I always felt that there was something not quite right about Whiz. I guess Moe (or Jinx) had to have him put down because he developed a brain tumor…


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