Writers Workshop: Where I Would Go…

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Today’s question is, "You have received a free round trip flight to anywhere in the world, but you to fly somewhere you’ve never been before. Where do you go?"

You’d think this would be an easy question, but it isn’t. There are so many places I haven’t been that to choose one is difficult, but I’ve narrowed it down to two…


Everyone I know who’s been to Ireland has said, "Oh, you have to go to Ireland! It’s so beautiful and green and…" I’ve never been there, surprisingly, and I’d feel like I was letting them down if I didn’t say Ireland. I mean, it’s a natural: I’m almost 100% Irish, the Guinness brewery is in Ireland (although I don’t drink anymore), I played the bagpipes with a Scottish and Irish pipe band, I love the music (although, the Irish themselves are just as likely to like American country music as traditional music). I even listen to Galway Bay FM (an Irish pop music station) on occasion. Like I said, it’s a natural.

Nevertheless, you know where I’d really like to go?


Don’t ask me why, but a few years ago I decided that, if there was one place I wanted to see, it’d be Mongolia, mostly because no one (at least, no one in my circles) has ever said "I’m going to Mongolia for my vacation." I mean, Mongolia never crossed my mind until I was in Singapore and saw a group of students from there. What I remembered from my 4th grade geography class was that it was a landlocked and mountainous country, and that outside Ulanbaatar (Ulan Bator) most of it was a steppe ("A vast semiarid grass-covered plain, as found in southeast Europe, Siberia, and central North America," according to The Free Dictionary). A lot of the people are nomads, they raise horses there, but Ulanbaatar looks like a pretty cosmopolitan place. And I like the music, about which I wrote back in October. Something about it just calls to me.

I can think of a lot of places besides those two (to name a few: France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Greece, Israel, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, India, Nepal, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina etc.), but Ireland or Mongolia are the biggest draw.

17 thoughts on “Writers Workshop: Where I Would Go…

  1. I’m in for the Ireland trip! Not sure about Mongolia, but I would love to see those rolling fields of green and fences made of stone!


    1. In my case, a trip to Ireland would be kind of like a hajj (the trip Muslims make to Mecca). Nevertheless, I’ve heard it’s beautiful there and I could look up distant relatives (“Hi! You don’t know me, but I’m your fifth cousin six times removed…”)

      Mongolia’s got some pretty amazing scenery, as this shows…


  2. I am the same about Mongolia because..no one goes there:) My first is always Germany/Austria/ Northern Italy. I want to visit my mom’s hometown one day which is Zornigall near Wittenberg. I would like to also visit the Reischwald Forest where my dad was shot in the last days of the war. I do love to see beautiful art, cathedrals, history, nature and the Alps, even though I am phobic of heights, calls to me. My second place would be Angkor Wat in Cambodia because i have wanted to see this since I was a kid. Mind you, I also would love to see Macchu Pichu as well.


  3. I’ve traveled to many countries with students. Ireland was one place I always wanted to go and did many years ago. It was amazingly beautiful with kind people. Our airfare was purchased with “miles points.” We decided to travel around Ireland and go wherever we felt like going with no plans. We stayed in a castle, in people’s homes, in smart hotels, and once in a youth hostel. I loved the entire trip so much.


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