The Independence Day Week That Was (2021)

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Regal Beer. The smaller the b-bubbles, the b-better the beer!

The big news: I got my phone back! It might have been back as early as Friday, but Mary didn’t check the mail until today. All’s well that ends well, as they say.

We plan on having a quiet weekend here, and so far the world has co-operated. Of course, now that I’m retired, one day just flows into the next, and we need to keep asking "is it Sunday, or Monday?"

Let’s get into the summary.

I found an interesting YouTube channel called Scratchy 45’s where there was an interesting array of records from the ’60’s, ’70’s, and ’80’s, and shared ten of their records.

Melanie asked for our opinion of the Greater Good Principle, whether we loved amusement park rides, our opinion of the most annoying musical insrument, and whether we’d prefer a wild imagination or a photographic (Sheldon Cooper calls it an eidetic) memory. I’m surprised I didn’t get any blowback on my answer about the greater good, and that in fact a lot of people felt the same way.

I reviewed Season 1, Episode 2, "Hold That Tiger" and Episode 3, "Kommandant of the Year". It’s going a little slowly the way I’m doing it; I think I’ll need to change the technique I’m using.

I looked at the "next ten" from the 1968 year-end Hot 100.

My one-liner was from "the bard of Baltimore," H. L. Mencken, a curmudgeonly fellow if ever there was one.

The gimmick this week was songs with "red," ‘white," and "blue" in the titles. All of mine were instrumentals.

The previous week’s prompt was a picture of a cat, so naturally this week’s was a picture of a litter of puppies. Even if I’m a cat person, puppies are cute and I like them, just not well enough to own one. Actually, maybe the fact that I wouldn’t want a dog to put up with me as an owner shows love in a slightly different way.

This week’s prompt asked about my dream destination should someone be willing to give me a round-trip ticket there. I couldn’t make up my mind between Ireland and Mongolia.

We have a really good battle going between guitarists Johnny Smith and Chet Atkins over who does a better version of "Walk, Don’t Run." Voting is still open until midnight on Wednesday or until I get around to writing the results post on Thursday.

I looked at covers of instrumental movie themes.

The prompt was to look for a word or multiple words that contain the letter combination "igh." I wrote about the bright spot of my week being talking to Kip the other evening, and about the fight I expected over my phone which, as of the writing, had not been returned (except that it had: it was stuffed in the mailbox, which wasn’t checked until this morning). I also played "Moonlight Feels Right" by Starbuck, which I hadn’t done in a while.

This week will be similar to all the weeks before it. I will probably hit you with a torrent of Hogan’s Heroes episodes, because I think I figured out a better way of doing the synopses. Tomorrow’s theme for MMMM is "songs about fantasy, magic, and/or fairy tales." Wish me luck…