Weekly Song Challenge, Week 27

Time once again for everybody’s favorite game, Mary’s Weekly Song Challenge! She gives us the prompts, we give her the tunes…

A Song with a Country in the title: Ray Conniff, "Brazil"

A Song with a Color in the title: (Peter Green’s) Fleetwood Mac, "The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged Crown)"

A Song about a Profession: Warren Zevon, "Lawyers, Guns & Money"

10 thoughts on “Weekly Song Challenge, Week 27

  1. Love Brazil! The conductor is one weird duck:) I never heard of this Fleetwood Max song and, to me, it sounds a bit crazy near the end. I mean, it is meant to sound unsettled. Maybe I am just unsettled 🙂 I like the last song which sounds like a hoot.


    1. The only thing the current Fleetwood Mac has in common with the ’60’s-early ’70’s one is Mick Fleetwood and John MacVie. They’re so different that you’ll hear the old one called Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac. The old one was a blues band and later mixed in some psychedelic rock.

      Ray Conniff was very popular on “beautiful music” radio stations from back in the late ’50’s, but I think the strange appearance is from the ’60’s or ’70’s.


  2. Loved it! Brazil was mesmerizing, Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac was a fun experience, and Zevon was just a great tune! Well done!


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