Song of the Day: Billy Eckstine, “I Apologize”

Singer, trumpeter and orchestra leader Billy Eckstine was born on this day in 1914. He recorded "I Apologize" in 1948, and it was given the Grammy Hall of Fame award in 1999. He sang it on The Ed Sullivan Show on April 8, 1951.

3 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Billy Eckstine, “I Apologize”

  1. Wow, never heard that song but he has a great voice. He was very talented to be able to sing, play the trumpet and lead an orchestra..a triple threat. I wish Ed Sullivan would be played on TV somewhere.


    1. Billy Eckstine was a legend in jazz and Big Band music, and he had a great voice.

      There’s a series called “The Best Of The Ed Sullivan Show” that runs on the Decades network in the US. Keep an eye on yout listings; I bet you get it there. It’s not like rebroadcasts of the shows, but selected acts from selected shows. They get an assortment of music acts, comedy acts, acrobatics, and Topo Gigio and are pretty well done.


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